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Online Booking form & Fare Look up System ?

Online Booking Form

This system or form or reservation system allows the users to book a limo or taxi.They fill up the form with pick up and drop off address in the field with date and time,admin receive the email of booking and they confirm the booking once they call to them who is trying to book a transport service.This system is suite for small to medium taxi or limo firm who have limited fleets and certain area coverage.Admin needs to confirm the booking and quote price after they receive the booking email.There is no price set for this kind of system and varies as per the customers travel area.

Fare Look up System

This system is the most implemented booking system for recent small to large scale taxi or limo firm with number of drivers or chauffeurs.Customer can book and pay for the transport service online in less than 60 secs.They just need to define the pick up an drop off locations with date and time,estimated fares will be shown in the website with the avaiablity of the vehicles as per the needs.They have the options to pay online.After payment is confirmed,booking is confirmed and vehicle is reserved for that day and time.This can be called as stress less travel from any locations to any destinations.All prices are fixed unless customers add some additional requirements such as meet and greet and watiting.

Which to Opt ?

This really depends up on your coverage area and services,if you are covering the airport terminal or all locations on your regions,they can you can opt for fare look up system but if you are a single man business with limited coverage area you can go with Online Booking form system.

What is the cost ?

Fare Booking Look up system cost slightly more than the online booking form system.It ranges from $199 to $899 with the varies of features inclusion

Will it works for me?

Yes,it will works as you can manage the fares and booking from the back end.


Taxi WordPress Booking Plugins vs Custom Php Taxi Booking

Taxi WordPress Booking Plugins vs Custom Php Taxi Booking

Looking to integrate the booking system in your existing website where it automated shows the fares with
pick up and drop off locations ? Looking for platforms which is to be used for the website?

There are various development platforms for you to get a taxi booking system and to integrate in your existing website.You would probably go with the platforms which is most user friendly and easy to operate from front end back end and most importantly system would be responsive to all mobile devices.

Taxi WordPress Booking Plugins

WordPress platform is the most responsive to mobile devices and easy to operate from back end for the admin users.It depends up on the users what kind of functions do they need  in the plugins like pick up and drop off locations, zone management,fare management,booking management and major payment gateway which you need in the website,you can buy this kind of plugins from WordPress platforms at monthly or one time fee. Sellers can customize the requirements for you as well.Other features like drivers and passenger management and discount code management.WordPress back end allows you to manage all the functions and allows to operate easily.

Custom Php Taxi Booking:

This platform is customized taxi booking system where the system will be as per the user’s requirements.
All the features and functions are customized in PHP platforms and are made responsive to mobile devices as well.Functions such as online fare look up,booking and fare management,drivers and passengers logins with discount code management are integrated in this platform.This platform has a custom admin back end where users can login and make and manage all the features.This system comes with the script or development platform where users can buy the script and install or users can make their developer to develop the platform for the website.

Get WordPress Booking Plugins or PHP booking system, here


Taxi Booking Website WordPress Plugins

WordPress Taxi Booking or reservation plugins has made a easy way for the WordPress users
to quickly download and install in their WordPress website and can customize the necessary customization like fares and fleet from the back end easily with out any tech knowledge.

Are you looking for such kind of WordPress or Joomla Taxi or Limo Booking reservation Plugins ? Can be customized ? Can be installed in multiple website or domains ?

You can find free plugins available online but few can understand your requirements.

Taxi Website Design has built own Taxi or Limo Booking reservation Plugins that can be customized from back end with rates and fleets.Our Taxi booking software and taxi booking system online software is one of the best advanced booking system for taxi,limo or chauffeur driven.Our plugin ‚Äúsoftware‚ÄĚ can be integrated in any type of website,like WordPress or Joomla.Get taxi booking plugin for WordPress.

Our booking system utilizes google maps api for fares and sms text service providers for sms notification.Our booking WordPress plugins has the available options for taxi or limo business having large fleets and allows drivers,passengers and travel agents to sign up and work with in the system.Plugins are integrated with discount coupon as well.

You can know about the Plugins at here.


Taxi Website with Booking System

A simple reservation or booking form is no longer work with in the Taxi business or any transportation industry  as more and more user prefer quick quote and payment system with in the website or App.User preference has changed to more over to quick quote where they can get a quote and pay online for less stress full travel.So better to upgrade your booking system to more user friendly system.

Taxi Website Design not only built the system which provides the quick quote but also the users can pay in less than 10 sec.Users can open an account with in the website or App and can pay for travel from their credit Card or PayPal or any other secured payment gateway with out any fuzz.Both users get the booking confirmation to manage the bookings.

We provides the Web Based Dispatch Booking system as well where the system allows the customers,drivers,operator,travel agent and company can open an account and book the travel and can pay with in the website.

Our system allows to connect with the users to the business and take off the stress environment.

Get a Quick Quote from here


Why Taxi website Design ?

Choosing a good and reliable website design company of your choice is always time taking process for any new business or not sure which one is better for your business’s online tool for exposure.If you are in the taxi and limo industry,you can hire or choose our business for your business website what ever your business requirements we will talk care of your requirements.

You own the taxi or limo business ? Own a old booking system ? No payment gateway ?

There are other website design provider who provides you the booking system that allows your customers
to book a taxi or limo online with Fare Look up system with monthly or recurring charge which¬†you may not able to pay in time.You don’t have independent booking system;they host your booking¬†system and have access to your booking system and loss of privacy might occurs.

There are few points to be considered why you should consider us

Answer 1: Specialized team of web designer for your kind of business and understand your business exceptional.
Answer 2: Knows core values of your business as a online business tool.
Answer 3: No recurring payment
Answer 4: No extra payment for any kind of on going changes
Answer 5: Great Support after sales.

Taxi Web Design System

Taxi web design with the wealth of builting booking system experience since decade and knows your business very well.We design and built a fare look up booking system that look up fare from pick up and drop off locations and the system shows the quote in less than 10 secs and the system allows to pay online via authorized payment gateway.Customers can sign up and make an account in your website and make a instant booking and pay online with in your website in less than 60 seconds.Just they need to click on your website booking quote system.

Our prices for every website packages are fixed and you don’t need to pay any monthly or recurring charge unless you do hosting of your website with us.

We not only design and built your website we also make it responsive to major mobile devices and make sure
you get traffic from the mobile devices as well.With our free on page optimization of the website,we also submit website to Google and Bing with every website packages.

Securing More Online Bookings for your taxi website

In previous years, managing the marketing for a taxi business was based around a number of basic but well proven techniques which did not rely on anything associated with online taxi bookings. Instead the marketing strategy often centered around the following:

Careful choice of an easy to remember local phone number

Card drops to your local neighborhood

Posters in areas of special interest  stations, supermarkets, and late night venues

Advertising on the cars themselves with your local phone number

Paying for a Yellow Pages listing

Word of mouth and local reputation for reliability

Much of these techniques have been well used and will over time yield results. It is for this reason that I will not state hear that any of them will do your taxi business any harm – indeed, many taxi companies are still using these techniques today!

In spite of this, customers and businesses are now sourcing goods and services using a modern phenomenon – the internet. Since 2000’s, the internet has revolutionized the way in which we all search for and buy goods and services. The selection and purchase of taxi services is no different though it would be fair to say that even in 2012 the taxi and private hire sector has been slow in taking full advantage.

A lot of taxi and private hire companies seem very entrenched into the old methods of advertising their local businesses. As we have said, that in itself is not a bad thing but the fact that so many people nowadays use “Google” to search for local good and services it does appear that many are now losing business, a poor commercial decision.
Having a presence online is not something that any taxi or private hire business should be scared off – yes it is new, it is fast moving but above all else it will secure your business more taxi work! But just having a low quality, DIY static website is not enough in 2012. Following on from all of those older methods of local advertising, your web offer needs to engage your customers, offer complete clarity about you and your business, and enable the customer to “interact”.

The online world interacts with customers in a different, more sophisticated way. Online customers expect information, they want to see what services you can provide, what your contact details are and above all else they want to be convinced that you can meet their demands.With so much information available, customers will not only ne seeing your offer, but that of your competitors too, and so your “offer” needs to be extra special!

A taxi website seeking online taxi bookings must therefore provide the following:

Clear website title with phone number

Easy to use and simple navigation [services, car types, contact us,fares etc]

400-500 word description about your business, the local area with perhaps local links and numbers that will provide your web users a more useful experience.

A quotation and booking engine ie fare calculation system and payment integrations that will enable your taxi business to truly interact with your customers 24/7.

General inquiry form

In addition to a great looking and well functioning website, your site must be capable of being found on the world wide web. Similar to the principal of having a good, easy to remember phone number or being found high up in the Yellow Pages listings, your taxi website must be found on the major search engines. Your site must therefore be found on the front page of Google – no compromise! This is where your search engine optimization comes into its own – both on site and off it.

Understanding how to secure your taxi business more online taxi business takes application, time, understanding and resources. It doesn’t cost a fortune to do but you will need to understand the basics to ensure that whatever investment you make online you are able to see a return on that investment.

Shrewd taxi operators have for some time understood that the Yellow Pages is fast being replaced by search engines like Google as a way for local customers to source local goods and services. Being #1 therefore on Google or Yahoo for your local town or city would guarantee you more online bookings – guaranteed!

Don’t have a clue where to start on how to secure more online taxi bookings? Don’t worry, there are many web designers out there who can assist. One suggestion however would be to visit Taxi Web Design. We not only assist taxi and trade companies worldwide on improving their web presence with great looking sites, they also offer expert advice on all matters relating to search engine optimization too.

Securing online taxi bookings is similar to the old way in which you and others would have sourced customers – as long as you remember this then the processes that can be employed to assist your business will seem far more straight forward! Embrace the internet and it will help your business.

How much website design and development cost me ? Is is affordable ?

Is it always a kind of hassle and headache to choose the best and affordable web design company or freelancer who can understand your requirements and can work as per the budgets you have ?
Looking for the website for your business ? Searching for the right website design firm or freelancer ? Then consider this ?

  • Domain Name:First step for the website,do they provide the domain name or you can register self ?
  • Do you got your own Web hosting or your web design firm provide hosting service as well, what is the monthly or yearly cost ? Do they offers after sales support ?
  • What is initial cost of the website ? Ask for the complete website quote ? Do the cost vary as per the requirements ?
  • Ask for time frame for the project completion ?
  • Ask for the easy payment schedule if you are tight with the budgets? Do they offer that ?
  • Do they hand over the complete working website ?

Ask for the demo.

Choosing taxi website design company for your business website

Choosing a website design or web design firm is always a hectic for those who are unaware of the website pricing and other web design details.There’s now an almost universal saying that says, “if you have a business you need a website for your business”…

Research and consideration can land you on the very affordable work by the web design firm online.You need to decide is the website necessary for my business? Is it working with its presence ? Can i go and try with Social Media business pages before spending few hundreds on the website development ? If i spent on website design for my business,will it works for me?

There are few points to be considered

Question 1: What are the website design pricing? Any hidden charges ? Website offered monthly or one time ?
Question 2: What are their core web services? Do they beyond the expectation?
Question 3: Can you show me examples of projects with similar goals?
Question 4: Are they the specialized web design firm who know about your business a lot?
Question 5: What if I want to make changes later?
Question 6: How will we measure results? Like business result ?
Question 7: Support after sales ?

Contact Taxi Website Design for a quick quote for your business website.

Taxi Website- Expert in Taxi Booking System

Hiring a lot of personnel to confirm the ride from your customers ? Tired of manual booking confirmation for your taxi business ? Emailing your customers to confirm the bookings with a lot of Emails to be sent ? On the customers perspective,users think it is quite a hassle for you and for your customers ? Do you want things to be manual rather than automated system ? Do you want hassle free correspondence to your customers and focus on customer’s safe ride ?
Our integrated booking in the website offer a hassle free booking system to help your customers make booking quick and easily and system will confirm all the bookings.Integration of the booking system will allows your customers to book the ride to their destination in a quickly manner and the same customer can pay online via Online payment platforms ie Card or Paypal. Customers can book Taxi with the few clicks,Pre-book & pay with credit card in the website.Easy!.Easy to accept bookings and payment.This system allows you to manage the fares and bookings as well.Taxi website design does it all for you in one platforms.

Taxi Website Design and its team are experienced web designer and web developer who can built the custom booking system for your locations in UK,US,Australia and other European Countries.The system will be built custom for your locations coverage and customers can choose from pick up and drop off locations and system will shows the fares and fleet as per the number of passengers and system will be intergrated with secured with payment system.

If you have a website and do you wish to integrate the booking system,we can do it for you.We can integrate the sytem in your existing website platform may be either CSS,WordPress,Php,or any other web development platforms with the secured booking system or you can buy the existing booking system we have and you can let your web developer to do this as well or else we can build your taxi website from the scratch with the cost mentioned in our Taxi Website packages.Choose website packages as per the requirements.

Maximize Journey bookings with online booking system

All bookings are auomated with quick confirmation.Customers always seeks the easy access to book the safe ride and this automated booking system is building a kind of relief for the journey bookers,if you are not visible what they are looking for,they will move to the next taxi firms not thats the sure.

Here,since 2011,Taxi website has been offering the great deal of the much needed booking system with the revised booking system where customers can book and pay online with no much of worries.We have been working hard to provide taxi and other transfers companies a successfull business with professional looking booking and payment system.

Taxi website has been offering the system like

  • Online Reservation system- simple booking form
  • Online booking system- fare calculation with online payment acceptance system
  • Driver and Passengers logins- like uber
  • Manual/Google miles quote engine- booking and rate management

    Our Taxi Website with booking system offer:

  • Online Booking system Website
  • Unlimited Website revision
  • Contact form Integration
  • Email Booking Confiramtion
  • No Ongoing payments
  • Mobile Responsive design
  • Free Google Analytics integration
  • Basic SEO inbuilt
  • Browser compatible

    Our fantastic online taxi booking system allows your customers to book and pay in less than 60 seconds, its perfect for minicab, Limo hire and taxi companies.The above taxi booking system offers booking system to all kinds of taxi and trade firms as per the coverage and fleets.Ask for demo.