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Taxi Web Design for Travel Industry

Christmas is usually a bumper time of year for every organization selling a service or product but it can be especially profitable for the travel industry that has been hit hard in recent, years, months, weeks and even days. Times are tough and even the oldest and most mighty companies in the travel industry are in need of a travel industry solution to see their way through the current financial storms. Marketing online is a key element for all businesses and it is a route to market that the travel industry has pioneered aggressively. Now, every travel company is jostling for position, in a frenzied dog eat dog fight that will see few winners and many losers.

Despite the gloom, there is hope on the horizon as there are plenty of people with money to spend on travel and holidays; however, the key to attracting that cash is to update your online store so that the process of purchasing flights, taxis, hotels, car rentals and insurance is a swift, simple and enjoyable experience. Travel web design is technically complicated because of the requirement for prices to be bang up to date and for internal links and links to affiliate websites to work efficiently and profitably. Although the average website designer is not usually up to the task of creating an online travel agency that looks good and works well on every level, there are a few highly skilled digital design agencies that do have the know-how to undertake web design that will take off and capture much of the current online travel business.

It can be daunting modernizing or creating a new e-commerce website, but it may well be essential in order to compete effectively. Design styles and developing digital technology are matching each other in an online race that is engendering fear in many industries. Competition can be healthy for consumers but too much competition will create casualties in an era where lending to business has all but dried up. To ensure that your organization has the tools to succeed it may be an idea to ask a digital agency that you trust to undertake an audit of your current web platforms. Time is always of the essence but travel web design has to work faster than most by offering fast page loading, logical navigation, up to date prices and internal and external links that work; the website also has to be found easily by coming on the first page of the generic search results. To achieve that requires expert online marketing and superb search engine optimization techniques.

Travel industry solution

For travel web design to be effective it has to offer more than pretty pictures and price lists; it has to create the kind of trust that certain organizations engender so well. Building trust within a travel website / organization is usually more important than posting the cheapest prices and is achieved through excellent design and good copy, rather than focusing being purely on price.

Taxi Website Design has been in the taxi and limo website industry since 2008.We have years of experience when it comes to designing and developing website for taxi and limo business. It provides web site services and hosting services for taxi and limo business industry.

We have number of years of experience is designing and building the fare calculating booking system. Our booking system allows and provides the quote in less than 10 sec and customer can book or reserve and pay for transfer in less than 60 sec from the built system. Our system is 99% accurate working platform for all kind of taxi and limo business and other transportation industry.

Online Booking form & Fare Look up System ?

Online Booking Form

This system or form or reservation system allows the users to book a limo or taxi.They fill up the form with pick up and drop off address in the field with date and time,admin receive the email of booking and they confirm the booking once they call to them who is trying to book a transport service.This system is suite for small to medium taxi or limo firm who have limited fleets and certain area coverage.Admin needs to confirm the booking and quote price after they receive the booking email.There is no price set for this kind of system and varies as per the customers travel area.

Fare Look up System

This system is the most implemented booking system for recent small to large scale taxi or limo firm with number of drivers or chauffeurs.Customer can book and pay for the transport service online in less than 60 secs.They just need to define the pick up an drop off locations with date and time,estimated fares will be shown in the website with the avaiablity of the vehicles as per the needs.They have the options to pay online.After payment is confirmed,booking is confirmed and vehicle is reserved for that day and time.This can be called as stress less travel from any locations to any destinations.All prices are fixed unless customers add some additional requirements such as meet and greet and watiting.

Which to Opt ?

This really depends up on your coverage area and services,if you are covering the airport terminal or all locations on your regions,they can you can opt for fare look up system but if you are a single man business with limited coverage area you can go with Online Booking form system.

What is the cost ?

Fare Booking Look up system cost slightly more than the online booking form system.It ranges from $199 to $899 with the varies of features inclusion

Will it works for me?

Yes,it will works as you can manage the fares and booking from the back end.