How to Choose the Right SEO Company in 2013

March 9, 2019

The question becomes on how you will make sure that the SEO Company you choose is the best one for your company. The following guidelines will help to choose the best Company.

What does the SEO Company guarantee you? Sometime a company may guarantee you that you will be among first 10 pages of the Google search. Make sure that you know the techniques it uses, you may find your website banned if it uses illegal techniques.

Does the company have client testimonials and linking proof? Make sure that any company being considered has an existing clients list and testimonials and experienced SEO veteran will have these.

Does the SEO company offer information about their activities? Make sure that the company is willing to offer more clarification on methods regarding how they promote SEO. If they do not offer the information willingly you must take care because they may be using illegal methods or other methods which may affect your site. Business who are new with online business they may not be aware that there are SEO ethics.

They learn only how the SEO can increase their online presence without learning on how really the SEO works. However you should not fall in the trap to get a quick online presence. Online presence is build slow by slow following guidelines. The website should begin ranking low and gain visibility slowly. You should also see if the company has feedback on their website from the customers who have already used their services.

You can try to look for the name of the company in search engines. You can also ask the company to give you more feedback that is not available in its sites. If you use social media you may find out more information about the company which is not under the company’s control. The last thing to look about the SEO is its company’s portfolio. By getting views about other companies it has helped to build their SEO and the one it is helping in the present to see if they really do a good job.

If you have already designed a SEO company you should not let them control everything about your SEO. You have to keep up of what is happening in promoting your SEO. Even if you can get analytic reports from Google, the SEO Company should give you periodical reports on how your SEO is doing. You should make comparison between the Google reports with company reports. With the above guidelines you will make sure that the SEO Company you have chosen is the best and will give the results you need. Make sure that you keep away from SEO companies which use Black hat methods; they will do more harm than good to your online business presence.

How Do I Make My Own Website?

If someone were to say I’m going to make my own website, you might think wow, that’s a large undertaking. Not so. Because there are so many resources available, making your own website can be accomplished by a novice.

As of 11-17-08 there were 106,204,279 active domain names currently in use. Of those, 78,387,380 are registered dot com websites. These numbers suggest you don’t have to be a well educated designer to make my own website. Over 100 million people are doing it right now so why not you? What it takes is the desire to learn the details and have some creative ideas to sell to someone else.

In order to make my own website, the following steps are suggested:

o Check the internet for a trustworthy company and buy a domain name
o See if the same company can also host your website
o Get creative, build your website
o Think like a consumer

Once you’ve purchased your domain name and found a host, you’ll hopefully have some great ideas about how your website will look. Start by looking at other websites on the same subject matter to get some ideas on how yours can look even better. Then do something over the top. Investigate free banner websites that nail your image and draws attention to your website.

To make my own website, begin by writing engaging content for each page so that people continuously click on the site. This will also attract Google and other search engines sending the website even further up the rankings.

Keywords are something you’ll hear a lot about. Those are the words consumers type in their browser to find information they’re looking for. Once you find a creative domain name and start building your website you’ll want to have it search engine optimized (SEO). This is where key words come in. For example: If you’re writing about “how to grow a beautiful garden” your keywords might be, grow, beautiful, garden.

You’ll want your keywords sprinkled throughout your website for complete SEO. Although all of this may sound daunting at first, once you complete your first website and make it live, the next one will seem easy.

If you want to make your own website with some assistance there are a couple genuine programs online. These programs hold your hand through the entire process. You’ll quickly learn the lingo to making your own website. By taking this route each step will be that much easier. Another benefit is you can buy one domain name and create several new websites off the same domain name.

Make my own website is fun and can be profitable. Find the perfect niche, something you’re interested in and write about it. Add in the design and the products to sell. This could turn into a full time job.

What is Google Page Rank and How do You Achieve a High Google Page Rank? The Do’s and Dont’s!

So, just what exactly is page rank? Well, page rank is Google’s way of ranking web pages in an order on search results. The concept is simple; page rank allows the most important websites to appear at the top of search results. Although you may have seen complicated theories of how page rank works, illustrated by stupendously complicated mathematical formulas, you do not need to be a genius to understand the basic principles. By understanding the basic principles you will then be able to begin working towards achieving a higher page rank for your website, I have achieved a PR 5 for my website and I am no mathematical genius!

Basically, Google page rank spans from 0-10. It would be typical for a webpage which has just being indexed by Google to achieve a page rank 0. A webmaster should always be aiming to achieve a higher page rank; this should be an ongoing process.

So, how do you go about achieving a higher page rank? Well, a page rank is determined by a web page’s importance, the importance is calculated simply by the number of other web pages which contain a RELAVANT link to the webpage. The logic goes as forth, if many relevant websites contain a link to a web page then the web page must be important.  The keyword to remember is RELAVANCY. Google attaches a huge amount of importance to relevancy. There are millions of people who try and achieve a higher Google page rank simply by submitting their website to many, many web directories, this however is really not an effective way of obtaining a high page rank, in many cases the only thing that this will achieve is a reduction in time taken for Google to index your web pages. It may therefore interest you to know that hundreds of links from web directories which link to thousands of other web pages is highly likely to be less beneficial than just one link from another content related website with a high page rank.

If you are wanting to obtain a higher page rank in the least possible amount of time your best option is to run a Google search using the keywords for your website. Take note of the top page of results, then, visit the high ranking web pages one by one. Write to the webmasters and ask if you can participate in a link exchange, the answer is likely to be no, however the response to a paid link exchange may be different, and well worth your while. Don’t be afraid of wasting time in this process because even though you may get turned down by many if you are successful with just one highly ranking relevant site, the benefits will be huge and well worth your while in terms of traffic generated. It is also important to realize that Google pays a lot of attention to the title of the link, make sure you include many key words in your link.

Personally I have tried in the past just about every method under the sun, (on the web!) in order to try and generate higher page rank. I have attempted buying links from high page rank sites on ebay. However the sites that I chose, despite being PR 6 were not relevant to my website and after 6 months they resulted in no increase to my page ranking. At this point I learnt my lesson about relevancy, in simple terms it goes something like this, ‘If you have a website based on gardening, then there is no point, whatsoever on exchanging links with someone who has a website based on train spotting’. It will get you no where.

And, if not,

If you reap no rewards from talking to webmasters about link exchanges then all is not lost. One of the best methods I use for my website is to write good quality, (I hope) articles, somewhere within the articles I drop reference to my website, in the form of a link, 2create-a-money-making-website! Contains other advice for webmasters Just ‘link’ that. Ha- sorry about the pun. So there you go, write articles and submit them to good quality sites like ezine. Given that your article is good enough to be accepted you will achieve, a relevant link, on a page with relevant content, on a page with high PR! Marvelous eh? Yerrp.

There are in fact other factors which affect page rank notably the amount of outbound links from a website. If a highly ranking website has only a handful of links to other pages and one of the links is to your website then the results will be much more beneficial to you than a website that has thousands of outbound links. In effect it seems that Google divides the benefit of the site with page rank between all of the other sites which it links to. This explains why web directories are not beneficial, not only are they irrelevant, they also contain thousands of outbound links. Meaning the page rank benefit is divided between, yeah, you guessed,,, thousands! Time well spent? Nope!

It seems that having new, fresh and original content on your website also increases the frequency at which Google crawls your site, thus making note of new changes. So keep writing and don’t give up. It seems that if you have a site with good regularly updated content, with no tricks necessary, it will at sometime receive traffic; it may just not be as quick as you want and this is why you will probably find yourself following my earlier advice.

Things do get easier, after you have traffic visiting your quality website you will find that your page rank begins to go up on its own. This is because people begin to make links to your website from their freewill in order to make quotes or simply recommend your website to their own visitors. Once the ball is rolling it does get easier. You see?

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from my efforts today! Remember, be patient, things with Google are often slow; rumour has it a Page rank update only occurs every three months,-seems about true in my opinion, and for low page ranking pages apparently a Google bot only crawls, around every three weeks. I don’t have total confidence in the information in this last paragraph; infact, I don’t think anyone knows for sure. However I do know for sure that my PR 5 website is crawled almost daily by Google’s bot. So just keep on going and be patient! I now make a good income from my site through AdSense however it took a long time to get good levels of traffic to make the clicks. Participating in online questionnaires would have been a better answer if I had wanted instant money!

A Discussion on Cheap Website Designers

Website has been an important and vital thing to deal with in our daily world of living. Actually, my saying should be not the website, but the internet that we deal with on a regular basis. Internet is the source through which we can have a connection to different things from the entire world.

The websites are the objects found inside the internet connection facility through which we can surf and search for different things and undergo various sorts of activity in an online procedure.

Nowadays, the internet offers a lot of work to perform online from a computer, or even mobile phone, without being physically present at the place to perform the duty. Through internet, you can book tickets for trains, bus, planes and other transport mediums. You can have your money transfer from one account of a particular bank to another account of some other bank. You can undergo some educational course and give online exam to qualify for the particular course diploma or certificates. You can shop for simply any sort of things, be it electronic goods or even small garments like lingerie.

You can watch movies online; can have live video chatting or non-video chatting sessions with some other person sitting in some other corner of the world. You can listen to music, can listen to radio, can undergo advertising and marketing campaigns, can conduct live game shows and even conduct for live voting sessions.

These all sorts of various activities can be done through the internet connection only with the interference of a middle object or better to say a path to operate. It is known as website which contain various webpages that have information on different matters and subjects and guide the user in undergoing different sort of activities and things that happen through the online medium.

Therefore, by now, you probably have understood the fact that the websites are the most important things that are present in the internet and without the presence of them; it is useless to work through the online procedure.

Therefore, the need for website designers is at large in the corporate market. Nevertheless, not all company can afford for many web designers to work with theme due to their less profitable corporate status in the market. These companies search for qualified yet cheap website designers to hire for their company and convince them to work for their company. Most of these cheap website designers are mainly freshers who do not possess much work experience in the corporate field and are easy to hire.

By hiring these designers, the low budget companies gets their purposes solved whereas the freshers who are hired by the company gets some quality corporate work experience in their related field which helps them in a later stage of their career.

Cheap Professional Web Site Design – Concept and the Outline

To have an online identity in the era of internet marketing a website is of utmost importance. It is the online representation of any company with an access to sell company’s name, attract more visitors, generate more business leads, promote more sale of company’s products and services and finally, it helps to reap more return on investment.

The existence of any business is manifest in different ways, and internet medium is the fastest and easiest means whereby a business gets noticed by the public at large. Once any information is put in the web, it becomes global. The intelligent buyers can easily know about any site and, off course, its products and services through that website. So the popularity as well as the promotion is best done by this flexible medium. A web site gives its target audience a chance to know the site in a best possible way.

Either small or large, a business is prescribed to have an affordable web site design in this highly dominated market where each and every time someone has to fight hard to sell the products and services. A Professional web design would give leverage to the company: whenever the users would search for the relevant products or services in the search engines, they can have the possibility of seeing the web site of that company.

In this case two things are vital: SEO or the Search Engine Optimization and the Web Usability.

An SEO is a marketing technique to increase the number of visitors in a website by adopting some methodical and intelligent rules; if the SEO is sound enough, the visitors can see your site in the Search Engine Return Page as and when they enter a keyword that is also targeted for your web site. So, the proper keyword targeted is essential, and that is another crucial part of internet marketing. Lots of researches have been there for this.

On the other hand, web usability is nothing but a feasibility by which a user can roam in a site, i.e. user friendliness. It is for sure that once you are able to bring a user to your website your next step would be to hold that user as much time as possible, and that is called site popularity.

At times by an effective SEO tactic you can bring users to your site, but from then on you should think of how long you can keep users in your site. And that part is solely dependent over a successful and professional web site design approach. The more the site popularity of a web site, the more would be the likelihood of any company to promote itself.

Following are the universal features in a Professional web site design; these aspects are responsible for the higher site popularity of a web site.

o Your web site should be easy to read

o Your web site should be easy to navigate

o Your web site should be easy to find

o Your web page layout and design should be consistent throughout the site

o Your web site should be quick to download

There can be two types of website designs such as: static and dynamic. A static website design is based on HTML codes, whereas a dynamic website design is developed with advanced and sophisticated technologies based on the information provided in the database. If you want to outshine high on your business, you need to have a website design and development that must be dealt with great care. Numerous companies are there in the market; they can give promising and affordable web site design solution at a cheap rate. At the same time, false promise making dudes are also in abundance.

Before making your web site design you should know about certain things to clarify, and rather ask yourself. In that sense, you must be aware of which are the aspects that need settled before the web design is made.

As such, there must be certain rules before asking for big or small business web design to any web design professional:

1. What is the nature of the business?

2. What is the company name?

3. What is the target audience?

4. What is the logo?

5. Does the company have any tag line?

6. How many pages the company plans to make?

7. What would be the intended navigational structure?

8. Would there be any existing site, which needs to be redesigned or would a completely new site be made?

9. What about the site preference? What are the likeable features in those sites?

10. Would there be any color preference?

11. Would the site be a dynamic or a static one?

Avoid These 5 Graphic and Web Design Mistakes

If you have a website that’s flailing or failing or are getting ready to develop your first business website, the following advice could help you avoid some of the mistakes many people make.

Fancy Fonts

People searching the internet for something often surf quickly. A website with too fancy of a font could get surfed right over. If your text is difficult to read, either because of font, size, or colour, you could inadvertently turn people off.

Talk to your graphic design / web design consultant about this. They can likely make recommendations that look sharp and fit well with your overall design ideas.

Not Checking Load Time

Some people who create their own site or use generic website design templates instead of using a professional graphic designer don’t bother to check the load time of their website. Each page should load quickly. Otherwise, your visitor may not wait to read your page. Many attributes of the design could slow down the load time and there are ways that a professional can help you optimize it so that your pages have all the elements you need them to have without taking 30 seconds to load for customers with slower connections.

Unclear Navigation

A common design mistake people make is forgetting that while each page should be able to stand alone, it should also be connected to the rest of the site. Someone might land on your home page, which may have a clear navigation through a sales process but search engines could send them in to your site from another page as well. Each page of your site should have clear navigation so that people can find out how to get deeper into the site, how to get to a contact or about us page, or how to get to the ‘buy now’ page. Graphic designers who are specialised in web design for e-commerce purposes will work with you to come up with a unique design that walks people through the site… steering them toward a purchase.

Not Capturing Visitor Info

People who land on your pages may not be ready to buy today. Does your website capture their information so you can contact them in future? You can’t do this without their permission so your design elements need to include an offer to sign up. If you can get someone to opt in, you’ve got more chances of turning more customers into customers — even if it’s not going to happen immediately. A lot of website owners don’t factor this in to their web design and as a result, they only capture a small portion of sales from their traffic.

Leaving it Static

A big mistake a lot of website owners are guilty of is hiring a graphic designer to create their website design and make the site. Then they leave things as is. Sure, your site might look wonderful but if you want to get a steady stream of traffic from search engines, there’s a greater chance of that happening by creating content on an ongoing basis. Talk to your web designer about creating a blog, a newsletter, and other elements that continually add to your website. This will help you get traffic and help you build a relationship with people who subscribe to your site.

More Web Design Predictions For 2014

In the first article on web design predictions for 2012, we looked at elements, such as oversized logos and typography, which have been growing increasingly popular over and are set to boom in the New Year. In this second article, we look at some more elements that are predicted to see their time in the limelight in 2012.

Interactive Design

Many people have said that Flash is on the way out over the last couple of years, but with interactive web design becoming one of the newest trends it is set to make a comeback. Websites won’t be choked with annoying Flash graphics and impossibly navigation – instead, the simpler and more attractive elements that web designers neglected in Flash’s heyday will be big features.

Single Page Layouts

This is almost a challenge to designers to edit away the parts of a website that are ‘unnecessary’. Quirky navigation being placed on the back foot, the single page layout is all about presenting all the relevant information in as minimal a way as possible. A clever way to think of this type of web design is like an ‘online business card’ that provides visitors with your contact information and links to your work, such as blogs.


It is true that minimalism was once a web design trend, but next year we are set to see minimalism of a different kind. White space will still feature prominently, but it will be coupled with bold typographies and contrasting colour schemes, allowing these websites to be plain and to the point, but also highly engaging.

Modal Boxes

A trend that has slowly been generating popularity over the last year is that of the modal box. Similar in appearance to a pop up, the advancements of web design has allowed a dialogue box to open up as a part of a web page that visitors must deal with, either by closing it or following the links, before returning to the main page. They are great for reminding visitors to log in or letting them know that they are leaving the current website. These will be highly useful for designers in coming years that are concerned with the usability of their websites.

Oversized Footers

Much like the oversized header mentioned in the previous article, oversized footers are said to be an increasingly popular trend in web design. These sections have the possibility of becoming integral parts of the website creation, as they offer an area to present information that doesn’t necessarily fit anywhere else, such as social networking feeds.

The shift that we have seen towards these elements over the last year has given the world of web design a pretty good indication of what is to come. Keep an eye on updated and new websites – you won’t be able to miss where these trends have been used.

Entrepreneurs – How to Grow Your Taxi Business

If you’ve got a taxi or hire car business that needs to grow here are a few ideas for you.

First of all you need to check out all your local laws to see what you can and cannot do. For example can you accept fares from people on the road side or do you have to be phoned in order to accept a fare.

Secondly if you are contracted to a cab or taxi company you need to check what you can do with your taxi, particularly if you have hired the cab from them. If you taxi is sign written, don’t despair you may be able to negotiate with them to do extra work, as this will involve their vehicle being seen more.

Lastly check your insurance and make sure you are covered for any extra work you take on – particularly if you are subletting your vehicle or doing different types of work.

Now you have this all sorted out here are a few ideas for you.
1) Get some cards made up with your name and mobile/cell number on it. Give one out to your customers and ask them to give you a call to take them back again. A simple thing that gets your name known and helps your customers. You could double your money from some of your customers.
2) Put your business cards in areas that people may need a taxi – local supermarkets or other areas where people have lots of shopping. In local restaurants and pubs to catch the drinkers. In hotels etc.
3) Advertise that you do airport/big city trips at a fixed price – anything that is a longer journey where someone would like to go but doesn’t want to take their own car.
4) Sublet your card for the time you are not in it so that your vehicle is used more often. The other driver would give you a fixed fee to use the vehicle and put their own fuel in.
5) Smarten up your cab inside and out and yourself and drive around areas that will be heavily populated – theatres at closing time, train stations, restaurant areas, shops, hospitals etc. People always want to get into smart cars and feel safer with smart looking drivers.
6) Get checked on the criminal register/CRB check and offer school runs in the morning.
7) Tender for work with local governments, schools, colleges, hospitals etc.

Increase & reach people worldwide via internet & web design

In this modern era the firms want to reach people worldwide and also this has certainly become easy with the availability of Internet facilities and advanced technologies. Internet is just about the most vital source allowing you to connect with people worldwide; it’s given a platform to the people, groups and even giant organizations to generate their own identity amongst worldwide internet audience. Hence to obtain web development services gets to be a necessity to guarantee the existence and popularity in internet world.

Today Internet world has become flourished with numerous websites, web applications that supply facilities of making online sales, online money transactions, recruitments, customer relationship management, accounting etc. So if you are an individual who desires to connect with its friends or family online or perhaps a business house really wants to sell its products online, everything is possible in a matter of few clicks. Over the last decade there may be a tremendous increase in the demand of web development services and it seems to become a basic necessity, particularly for a business organizations. A secured and popular space in digital world might help any little or big business house or even an individual professional in adding more zeros to its profit amount. So it is not wrong to express that using a website to get a business is absolutely essential when you seek your small business to boom.

With the growing the marketplace is been flooded with promising small to mid size web development services providers. So if you should get a website or any organization web application development service then be wise wile you opt for a service provider. Outsourcing to a website design company overseas is definitely an ideal choice as it will help you get the job done efficiently at lower rates. Still if you prefer onsite web development services provider, and then there are various companies open to serve you. You may also go for hybrid engagement model, where the website design company allots a few of the senior developer onsite to work with you, simultaneously the junior developers will work on the project development task from an offshore center. Such hybrid model has proved economical while meeting the demand of onsite presence.

Apart from engagement model a number of other parameters that you simply should consider whilst you assess a  for your project, they’re:

1) The web development services provider has to be able to see the solution you are searching for, what exactly is your taste and business requirement.

2) The   must have proficient, well qualified and experienced developers

3) The proposal should clearly depict would so would they develop the answer and implement? What are the risk management or change management policies?

4) You must consider what credentials a software development company has earned in terms of maintaining quality and work processes

5) The previous work portfolio and customer testimonials is a must watch

6) Any past project failures ought to be analyzed

7) Above all how economical solution the company can provide maintaining expected quality standards

There are ample of possibilities open in the digital market filled with web design services, about the choosing the right you will see your company booming as no time

Effective SEO for website

Effective SEO strategies need a lot of effort and time. Although online market exist very advanced tools that cost a lot, there are many free SEO tools that can assist the novice and advanced SEO marketer to save valuable time.

Here is really a list of free and proven for his or her effectiveness SEO online instruments:

1)  . It displays multiple domains rather than one. Therefore, you will get instant traffic is a result of Alexa Rankings as opposed to typing and look each time separately.

2)  . Sitemaps can be extremely important for websites given that they help search engines like yahoo crawl and index them. This is really a free xml sitemap generator.

3)  . You can track your submissions to several web directories and you’ll also visit regularly to view new directories combined with the list. You just tick the appropriate submission boxes whenever you submitted your web site. It’s very easy to work with it.

4)  This is a very powerful tool. It displays, using the Overture and Wordtracker keyword search tools, similar data, including search figures in the previous month.  It also adds statistics for average searches each hour, day, week, projected figures for the next 12 months and then also a figure to find out how searches may view in 3 years from now.

5)  . This keyword density tool is useful for helping webmasters/SEO’s achieve their optimum keyword density for the set of search terms/keywords. This tool will analyze your selected URL and return a table of keyword density values for starters, two, or three word key terms.

6)  . This is another Excellent Resource. When you enter the right URL and keyword, it’ll display Pagerank and Back links pages for the Top 10 websites.

7) You can create a free of charge robots.txt file using this type of resource. So, it will be possible to direct the search engines like yahoo to follow the pages structure of your internet site and also direct the engines like google not to adhere to and crawl specific web pages of your site you don’t want to be crawled.

All you must do is filling the fields then when the robots.txt file is made you upload it to your root of the web server.

8)  . This website displays keyword data using Wordtracker and Google search results. You just go into the keyword and press the button.

9)  . You Enter the domain and get: domain age, amount of pages indexed, and number of backlinks. The statistics include Alexa Taffic Rank, Age of the domains, Yahoo WebRank, Dmoz listings, count of backlinks and amount of pages indexed in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.

It will help you figure out why some of your competitors are ranking superior to you.

10)  . Shows top comes from 3 engines like google. This tool makes it possible to get all kind of statistics of your competitor’s domains.

11)  . This verification tool checks to determine if your website is in the top three pages of your search engine result for any specific keyword. You enter your URL/Keyword also it displays top 30 for 11 Search Engines.

12)  This tool generates a set of possible keyword combinations according to lists of keywords that you simply provide.

You enter a list of terms, one per line or separated by commas. This is very effective for Google Adwords and Overture.