Providing the web space for any website in the server is the web hosting and it is the important part of the website being online.The website owner should acquire the hosting service from any hosting provider to keep the website online, it is either yearly or monthly service.Few Hosting provider like Godaddy, Onlydomains,Crazydomains are the few names comes for the hosting provider and they charge the website owner accordingly with regards to the service package they wants.

We are also one of few hosting provider in the market that provides the hosting service to the clients. Prices in the market ranges from $5 to $10 per month with services acquired with yearly $99 to $500 per yearly with regards to the service needs.

Our Pricing packages comes in the ranges of $99 to $350 depending up on the website; for simple website it is $99 per year to $350 for eCommerce website, with every hosting package there comes with the website updates, maintenance and tech support with no any extra charge but it is limited to adding extra features or number of pages in the website.
One major difference between us and other known hosting provider is that we provides regular website maintenance and updates to the website on request but no other company provides that, if they do they ask for extra charge which you donot want to do that.

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