Taxi Web or App Based Dispatch System

With the use of latest technology and cloud-based system, adding the new drivers or any other users is easy and less time consuming. With the integration of SMS system and email to both driver and passenger, all respective information are notified to users in reak time.
With the use of cloud based system, all the data are backed up and secured. So, get your own taxi dispatch software. We provide a Web based dispatch software with no setup costs or special hardware.


Century by century the taxi transportation industry has changed a lot with booking a taxi cab and booking a taxi cab or limo has been a nightware for frequent traveller.

Cashless Booking

Even a making a payment has been a whole nightware for those who prefer cashless booking.There has been a frequent changing module in the taxi cab industry either it is a booking module or cashless booking. Now the system has been set up for the cashless booking with instant booking confirmation with taxi mobile app,either from passenger or the drivers.


Either from the fare look up with instant payment for the booking or the mobile app booking both are the new revolutions in the industry,every passenger loves to book via this mediuim.With the mobile devices revolutions in the century has evolved the mobile applications for Apple and Andriod devices which is making the easy for the frequent or any time travellers to book a taxi or limo in a few steps to enjoying a ride from the provider.

Mobile Applications

Evolve of the mobile devices evolved the mobile applications and then the taxi or limo dispatch software which is a cloud version technology.It helps to connect your passenger to drivers for smooth flow of the journey. It is a end to end solutions which increases effiency and increase passengers satisfaction with numbers of jobs

All-in-one Dispatch Solutions

All-in-one complete management system in UK with dispatch software console, passenger app, driver app and online booking. Get White Labelled Taxi Dispatch System at low cost! Taxi website design is a online booking and dispatch software management solution firm. We built cost effective Dispatching solution for your taxi or private hire business or any transport company with Navigator Booking and Dispatch Software for your Taxi and Private Hire

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Dispatch Features

  • Fully Customizable
  • Fast booking form via secured system
  • White Label Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Based
  • Customer caller id
  • Fare calculation by journey details
  • Google maps (pick up/drop off)
  • Rate and Fleet Management
  • Dispatcher can allocate job to driver (manual/automatic)
  • See all task assigned by dispatcher
  • Assign tasks to themselves
  • Admin Panel
  • Driver & Passenger App
  • Track real time drivers
  • Driver can manage their time and journey through the use of taxi software
  • Waiting time and calculations
  • Dispatchers can take control of your taxi company
  • Taxi Dispatching software can keep the client up to date



Passenger APP

  • Registeration via Social Media or Email or Contact number
  • Booking Interface for booking a cab or taxi
  • Trackking of the drivers nearby
  • Pick up Location from where they prefer to get a ride from
  • Cab Type Preferance of fleets available they need
  • Fare Calculator based on the distance between pick up and drop off location
  • Live Tracking System for the choosen drivers or cab
  • Payment of the ride via the system
  • Split Payment allows to make separate payment from each passenger
  • Discount will or may be available for the ride via the system/
  • Review and Rating for the ride completed by the passenger to the drivers
  • Booking History of the ride completed


Driver APP

  • Registration via social media or email or contact in the mobile app and the account needs to be approved by the admin
  • Driver’s Profile and status need to be updated by the drivers for the authetication to ride a cab via the app
  • Ride Request alerts enable you the accept or reject the request of the ride from the passenger via notification
  • Price Estimation will enable to calculate the fare of the passenger and will be shown in the app during the accept of the job
  • Booking from the passenger will be accepted or rejected by the drivers and few seconds to do that
  • Passenger Status will be updated by the drivers of their pick up and drop off locations
  • Booking History is tracked by the drivers of each completed or rejected bookings.



Upgrade your taxi website to taxi or limo dispatch software for your taxi or limo business with live management of the drivers and passengers

White labelled taxi system dispatch APP price starts from only at $50.00 per month

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