How to start a taxi and private hire firm

May 29, 2019
Taxi Hire Website Design

The first step in the creation or starting a taxi and private hire firm is to make a business plan which will make it possible to check the reliability of the project company and which will be useful to create partnerships or to find financing or associates in building a taxi booking or dispatch company.

With the high, increasing democratization of modes of transport and improved mobility, jobs in this area are on the high rise. Just beware, this is a highly competitive environment, the number of taxi transport companies created is steadily increasing. So that you can start with peace of mind, we put at your disposal various practical guides to help you set up a taxi and private hire firm.

The business plan of a taxi company is above all an important element for the entrepreneur himself, as it can help him to analyze his needs, and discover the potential weaknesses of the project before it is too later.

When the business plan of your future taxi business seems credible and attractive, then we will have to look at the financing of the company. If the funding is not already present, we will have to contact the banks to obtain several loan proposals to study and choose with all the cards in hand. In banks, it is always important to be able to show your seriousness by making a personal contribution to your taxi or private hire project.




Choice of legal status and drafting of company statutes

When starting a business, it is important to know which legal status will be most appropriate for the project being developed; in the case of setting up a taxi business, this is a choice based on simply creating the company for one or more people.

If the project is planned for one person, then it will be necessary to choose a legal status of a single-person company, but if it is planned to work with partners, it will be necessary to choose a status of company type.

When the legal form of the taxi company was chosen, then it is necessary to write the statutes which will define their organization: the bottom and the form. It is important to notify the information about the drivers who will be employed. The statutes must include a large number of necessary data.

The conditions to become a driver

To become a driver, you must pass a certificate of professional competence, have a driving license, a clean criminal record, no road crime, be trained in first aid and pass the road safety, management, and regulation tests before accepting a driver.

How much does it cost to start a taxi business?

As with most other types of businesses, the exact costs of starting a taxi service will largely depend on the area where the company is located. However, during the financial planning process to start your taxi service, there are a number of important things that you should take into account. Carefully evaluating these tasks can help determine the overall costs of opening a taxi booking business, as well as helping you prevent future expenses.


For most taxi companies, the only big initial cost is that of vehicles. Even if you start your business with a single vehicle, it can cost between the US $ 10,000 and the US $ 20,000, depending on the type and manufacturer of the car, if you want two or three in your initial fleet, the costs will increase proportionally. Buying used vehicles can save you money on the initial purchase, but be careful what you buy, since repairs can quickly make a hole in your finances.


Whether you buy new or used vehicles, you will still have to paint them or have some type of logo attached to identify your taxi company. The costs will vary, but often the labels are cheaper than a professional paint job, and you can usually place them yourself with a lot of care. You may also want to install lights on top of the cars to help customers more easily identify taxis, which cost between the US $ 50 to the US $ 150 per car, depending on the method of fixing, personalization and lighting options. Keep in mind that in some areas, this may be a regulatory requirement, and you must show certain identifying information, so check with your local licensing agency before purchasing. Meters should be purchased and installed in each vehicle, which often must be placed by a professional meter workshop approved by your local office of the Department of Weights and Measures. There is a wide variety of taxi meters available; the average cost is between the US $ 200 and the US $ 400 each. This does not include installation/calibration, which usually costs around another US $ 100. You will also need a taxi dispatch system and app or some kind of radio or mobile phone communication system (which is a bit archaic), so your dealer can contact the drivers and vice versa. Again, the costs depend on your area and the system you choose but expect to spend another couple of hundred dollars in advance, as well as a monthly charge for data subscription if you use mobile taxi dispatch software.


Some areas allow you to open a taxi service with only a general business license from the county or city, which is available between the US $ 20 and the US $ 75 at the local secretarial office. Most towns and cities, however, have some kind of regulatory body that supervises and licenses taxi companies, and charges for acquiring a license to operate may be a little higher to cover the costs of inspections. Many large cities have what is called a medallion system for taxis. Generally, a limited number of medallions are issued every year or every two years, allowing only a certain number of companies to provide taxi services in that city, and there is often a waiting list of applicants. Under this system, the fees can cost from a couple of hundred up to thousands of dollars, even if you go directly through the licensing office. However, most cities allow the owner of a medallion to sell it if desired (which means that you do not necessarily have to wait if you have enough money to make the best offer).


In accordance with the laws of most states, any vehicle on the road must be insured. This goes double for taxis. Most states leave the establishment of the minimum insurance necessary to obtain a license to the local taxi license agencies, but even if there is not an adequate level of coverage, the best thing for you is to buy a policy more beyond the minimum required. You can expect to pay 20 percent of the annual premium as a down payment, and then factor around the US $ 60 or more per week, depending on the number of fleets you have and level of coverage you have. Also, consider unemployment or independent employment insurance, medical insurance, and life insurance, especially if you have employees. This coverage can increase your monthly premiums,

Gasoline and other contingencies

Although technically you will not use gasoline until you receive your first customer, this is an important cost that you should take into account in your financial planning at the start. Evaluate the performance of gasoline in your vehicles and the service area where your taxi service will work to prepare an approximate estimate of how far you can go with a gas tank. Factor a portion of your initial budget to pay at least two or three tanks of gasoline per vehicle during the first month or two, based on current prices in your location. You should also be prepared in advance for repairs, mechanical maintenance and regular cosmetic maintenance, such as washing, waxing, and vacuuming in your vehicles. Although you do not necessarily have to have cash, At least you must have a plan to obtain the funds you may need, such as a small business loan or line of credit. Depending on your resources and the size of the business you wish to start, you can also choose to invest in the rental or purchase of a garage. In addition to your business office (not only your cars remain in better condition when stored indoors, but also you can also hire a mechanic at the company to perform maintenance and repairs at a significantly lower cost.



Taxi dispatch system

Every taxi company needs a taxi dispatch software that will be managing their affairs of booking, tracking and managing your fleet. You can now get an excellent app for taxi booking for Android and iOS. The application works in real-time that has integrated a mobile payment that ensures that the payment for signed drivers can be automatically taken care of. There are two sides of the app. One for booking the taxi app like Uber Passenger for booking and tracking cabins and the Driver app that pilots can use to accept mobile booking requests.

With the Passenger application, your potential customers can register. To use the application, passengers can register directly from their mobile application.  For the automatic payment feature, card registration can be done by passengers directly from the application.  The booking application gives you the benefit of tracking driver availability and setting the recovery location after logon.

The passengers can:

  • Pickup Location: Passengers can set their location by setting the destination on the map or via Google Places.
  • Select the type of cabin: the type of taxi can also be chosen as well as explored various other details such as the price per km, the price charged per minute and the minimum fare for each type of cabin.
  • Price Calculator: In this case, the rate to reach a certain location is determined by calculating the distance between the pickup point and the destination point using Google’s APIs.
  • Live to track: As the taxi is booked, the passenger can update the taxi live on his application since the initial stage itself, such as the start of the cabin, the arrival of the cabin, the departure and the end of the journey.
  • Review and Assessment: As we are open for feedback from the passenger, from where they can rate the driver and write the textual review about their experience with your service.
  • Reservation History: The history of passenger bookings can be tracked using this app.

Driver Application:

  • Sign up: Drivers get the platform to register directly from their mobile app, but it is approved and live only once the administrator approves their profile.
  • Reservation: The driver has a limited time to approve or disapprove any new reservation request. They are shown PICKUP point with the distance of the current location and also the travel distance between the pickup point and the drop point.
  • Status: The driver is allowed to update the passenger when he has accepted or rejected the reservation, reached the pick-up point, and dropped the passenger.
  • Reservation History: The driver has access to tracking the booking history and checking the status of each booking, including canceled reservations.

Other additional tips

  • Build your client portfolio, you can start with friends, former co-workers, family members, even they could recommend your company.
  • The modality that is most used in the taxi companies in the collection by the commission, for it, the company contacts with the clients, the taxi drivers do the service, and the company charges a percentage of that service.
  • To define the rates, it is advisable to look at the market, compare the rates of other companies in the same category.
  • Preferably, try to make sure that the drivers, know all the alternative routes they could take, a differential advantage of your company could also be oriented by the speed.
  • Continuously monitor the drivers, so you can verify that the service is provided correctly, and correct any problems quickly.

And you, would you like to put a taxi business? More business ideas.


The best WordPress taxi booking plugin: Best to make a reservation system

May 26, 2019
taxi booking WordPress plgin

If you are looking for a good WordPress taxi booking plugin for free download that allows you to offer on your website the possibility that users can book or order their fleet, you have reached the right article.

With the best tax or limo or chauffeur booking system for WordPress plugin free download, you don’t have to worry anymore; the plugin is going to take care of everything for you.

If you want to install a WordPress taxi booking and reservation system on your website, I ‘m sure this article will be very useful for you. This list of applications are ideal for any type of taxi firm that needs its potential passengers to make reservations or online appointments, and many of them have payment methods.

There are many people with the taxi business who ask us if it is possible to integrate a central cap booking and reservation system in WordPress. Well, WordPress is a content manager that has thousands of plugins at your disposal to customize your website with almost any type of functionality, among them you will find many free and paid that will allow you to implement simple or complete functionality for your business.

Taxi services through the web

Technological progress has affected almost all areas of our lives, and public transport services have not escaped their influence. The technology came to the world of taxi service to solve one of the biggest problems and dilemmas that faced those who wanted to take a service safely and reliably.

The technology now allows a person to be associated -through the various intelligent mobile telephony platforms-, to the taxi service of their preference and be able to request a service with total security. At the time of contracting the service, you can get information about the driver that will take you to your final destination and also, both the client and other people that he decides, can follow live the route he makes during the service. In this way, at all times you will know where the customer is, the route followed by the driver and the estimated time to reach the final destination.

New technologies influence every aspect of our daily life. That is why many common day-to-day processes are adapted to their use. Among them are taxi services.

Currently, many of the companies that provide taxi services have websites that allow you to make any type of reservation and even select the type of vehicle you want to take you.

Among the variety of taxi services you can find using the internet, the reservations for long trips and the selection of vehicles stand out. This means that you can choose the size of the car that will take you and you can adjust it to the number of people that will travel in it. Similarly, you can make reservations in the best style of a calendar and get attention and support, if needed, through a form and even a live chat.

Using taxi booking WordPress plugin you can achieve all these features that are mentioned above and many more other features.


Features of a good taxi booking WordPress plugin

Plugin for taxi booking must be functional and have a multitude of features and options useful for whoever manages the reservation system and users who want to book. At the same time, it must be intuitive and simple to use. Here are some of its highlights:

Responsive design:

The reservation system MY CHAUFFEUR will adapt perfectly to all screens … computer, tablet, and smartphone.

It’s multifunctionality:

Thanks to WordPress plugins, you can create different services and assign them several parameters. You can offer transportation by distance, from one point to another, per hour or as a package (several options). You can select several types of vehicles, hours and days of work, the area of intervention, and much more.

It also allows offering packages on time or tourist getaways (tour).

Easy integration:

A WordPress plugin is very easy to integrate, you just have to copy and paste the shortcode you were offered, in any page or the widget you want, that’s all, simple, clean and effective.


The new algorithm of Google does not penalize sensitive websites.

What’s the reason why? It is important to have our WordPress plugin, 100% responsive. If you have a WordPress template that works on smartphones, WP online taxi booking software is also responsive.

Pay online:

With the taxi booking software, payments are very easy for your customers.

You only need a PayPal solution business. Customers pay by credit card and debit cards, and also with PayPal account.

Simple step by step solution:

With the simple step-by-step solution, customers can make booking reservation in a few seconds. The taxi booking WordPress plugin offers an immediate quote or reservation fee.

4 Steps in less than 30 seconds, provide good customer experience and increase sales.

Its advanced features:

The plugin should not be limited to the classic features of an online booking system. It allows to use and create several advanced options: draw in real time a route map with an unlimited number of intermediate points, determine the tax rates for each vehicle, route, schedule …, add several booking options (seat for babies or for the disabled, fragile luggage, alcohol package, chocolate box), etc.


The taxi plugin is multilingual. The client can decide in which language he can operate and receive his travel itinerary in his preferred language.

Doesn’t waste your time:

With taxi plugin, you can reduce a lot of calls, and the customer can easily make reservations online. Do not lose more customers, because you do not have a line of the quoted rate or online quote request system. The most amazing part of it is that the plugin works 24/7.

Set the prices:

The plugin will be able to make it possible for you to set the prices without much stress. In the administration menu, you can enter the areas you want to cover. You can enter the prices of the trips between two places in the corresponding cell.

Also, you can include a message that will be displayed with the price in the Message text area. (This could include details on how to book or the maximum number of passengers.)

Wide compatibility:

The plugin should be Google Calendar compatible. Define your days and hours of work, availability according to the days of each vehicle. You can add additional services, such as an alcohol package, a box of chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, etc.

Different payment methods

The plugin offers a wide choice to users regarding payment methods. Thus, they can make their payment by PayPal, Cash, Stripe, Woo Commerce, etc.

I propose the integration of taxi booking WordPress plugin with a quality website respecting the latest standards of the web: Https, responsive, secure, and specially optimized for SEO…

Taxi or limo or Chauffeur WordPress plugin is specifically designed to include a driver or driver reservation system on your website. It is ideal for companies of any size for limousines, taxis, coaches, etc. It can be used both for shuttle services and services at discretion.

Taxi booking WordPress plugin provides a simple reservation process, step by step, and an intuitive administration by the owner of the website. With this online reservation system, users can make their transport requests for any defined route, transfer to the airport or city tour, by an hour or point to point with support for intermediate points (stops).

No doubt this WordPress extension will help you improve customer service and manage your online rental business of limousines and taxis.

Taxi booking WordPress plugin

Driving a taxi is a job as old as the invention of the car, and there are tons of competitors in the industry who may have more resources than you. In order to stand out and allow people to see you and use your services, you need a fantastic online presence, supported by an amazing plugin.

The first thing you need to inspire people is reliability. They must be able to trust you. Use great high-quality images and well-organized content so that the user can find the necessary information quickly and easily. Each category of content is easily accessible, being located at the top of the model and highlighted by contrasting colors. In addition, the contact information is very easy to locate from the first second.

Each model is fully adaptive and compatible with different web browsers allowing mobile device users to access your website wherever they are. This adds to your reputation and shows that you are serious and reliable. Also, Custom Pages are completely customizable, and the entire theme is geared to SEO, so your site can be found easily by anyone looking for a taxi online.

Let your customers enjoy a smooth ride and a fantastic online experience with the best taxi booking WordPress plugin for taxi sites!

Taxi booking WordPress plugin will allow you to transform more effectively your visitors into customers who contact you.

Too often, we are solicited by entrepreneurs and even large companies who spend huge amounts of advertising, which happens to have enough traffic but no return from visitors. Why? Simply by most things, 4 things are not clear and do not allow the visitor to have enough confidence to appeal to your services.

Your phone number

Simply indispensable to be contacted. To understand why this is important, put yourself in the place of your client who is probably on his smartphone, maybe even in the rain trying to find a way home. If you are not reachable within 2 minutes after his search, then he will call another taxi reachable.

Where to put your phone number on your site? Ideally on the homepage and top of it. This must be directly visible information.

Your location of intervention

Where do you come in and support customers? This information is also essential. Be specific about the localities and the communes of interventions. Already to improve your local SEO but also to reassure your customers by showing them that you are a local actor in the taxi.

Where to put your location on your site? Directly in the domain name or the title of your site. Then this information will be found everywhere and throughout the site to reassure and remind your customers that you are local.

Take care to detail the services

Another essential of a taxi booking website: the description of services. Customers like to know exactly what is included in their booking. It is therefore important to detail them precisely, especially if the race is accompanied by special services.

Thus, it should be noted if the car is equipped with Wi-Fi, if water bottles are available or if special services are offered to go to the airport, for a shopping trip or to visit a lounge by example.

Your tariffs

The biggest fear of a customer when he orders a taxi is how much it will cost him. To counter this brake on the call, clearly highlight your rates either through a booking module or a table with your rates from point A or point B. Do not let blur settle on this point; it is very important that a customer has an idea of the price he will have to pay, even if you are in the high-end.

For the information to be complete, it is necessary to add to the description of the services the detail of the tariffs of each one of them. No question indeed for the customer to book anything without knowing the price he will pay. Without this vital information, he risks going to a competitor.

To give a more precise idea of the packages, it is interesting to give a list of tariffs on the most common routes. This allows us to have a more precise idea of the budget to predict.

Where to put your rates on your site? On a dedicated page directly accessible from the menu of your site or on the homepage.


Using Taxi dispatch software system and booking app: a proven way to boost your Company

May 21, 2019
taxi WordPress plugins

Using Taxi dispatch software system and booking app: a proven way to boost your Company


The technological revolution has turned the Smartphone into a device that is not only used to receive and make calls; now, it has also become essential to complete a wide variety of work activities.

An average person uses the Smartphone every day and spends many hours a day; many companies are aware of that and have understood the potential of the mobile device to attract customers.

In addition to having a good home page, a taxi line can improve the user experience by creating your own taxi booking app that will speed up the taxi booking process and improve the experience.

Modern people do not want to wait on the phone while asking for a taxi; in this sense, an app can make this work faster and more efficient.

Why should, my taxi line have an app or Taxi booking software?

The first reason to create a taxi dispatch software, taxi dispatch system, or taxi booking app for your taxi line is that your competitors already do it. Do not you want to stay behind, right? Keep in mind that as technology advances and times change, people and companies must adapt.

The second reason is that this ordering system is faster, easier, and more efficient for customers, this makes the experience better, and a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

There are also all those details that are placed at the customer’s disposal to make the reservation more personal and specific, such as:

  • Choose a taxi where you want to move to.
  • Ask the vehicle to incorporate baby seats.
  • Request to accept transporting animals.
  • Choose the driver.
  • Pay in advance from the app

The taxi software apps provide the user with more information

Those users who are in a distant part of the city where there is little influx of taxis should only use an app of a reliable taxi line and request one.

Upon entering, they must show their location and the address they wish to move to, and the app will show the route the taxi driver will follow, the time it will take to arrive and how much is the cost.

Then, the app allows you to locate the taxi driver closest to your location and gives you information about it. This extra point gives the user the feeling of safety since they can decide the vehicle and driver according to their tastes or comments from other customers.

That is, the whole process can be done from the app, from ordering the taxi to paying for the journey, all in an easy, safe, and fast way.

The taxi apps are also a method of loyalty

We already know that there are some strategies to become the favorite taxi line for users, but the most important will always be the friendly and empathetic treatment of the driver, as well as the appearance and comfort of the vehicle.

The general experience of the service will make the client to request the services again, and the inclusion of an app can help to improve this experience.

Combining the use of technology to order the taxi through the Smartphone with excellent treatment at the time of the transfer will make the users always return and recommend the line, increasing exponentially, and progressively the company.

Promote your app to get customers

If you have an app, the first thing is to promote it so that the largest number of users download and request your services.

The first thing is to include the download link on the home page of your taxi company’s website, you must also include it in the social networks of the line, in the presentation cards for users and even in the form of stickers inside the vehicle.

Finally, it is important to mention to users who have not yet used your service the benefits it can offer and invite them to download it.

Users can leave their observations about the experience with the driver and even put it in “favorites.”

Taxi dispatch system allows sharing the taxi with more people to take care of the environment and share the payment, although this is in the client’s mind. The taxi dispatch system we build is using a smartphone or tablet with Android and internet connection.

From this app, you can control and manage all the operation and delivery of services in a detailed and transparent way. From the app or web, it is possible to access the work statistics of each taxi driver and analyze and observe in real time and historical the status and status of his or her taxis, statistics of services performed, etc.

It also allows for tracking and monitoring the status and safety of the driving partners and cars in real time and also make calls or send messages to the driving partners from the same app.

Other features are:

  • See the number of trips, connection times, cancellations, and travel earnings of each driver.
  • See in detail the daily or weekly earnings of each driver, including trips paid with cash.

To conclude, creating an app to increase customers in your taxi line is an excellent idea, and the creation of your own will depend on your needs.

Did you know that the numbers of mobile devices in the world today are more than the total number of computers and televisions combined?

This fact clearly indicates that to reach the maximum number of customers and in many other ways, it is absolutely essential that you build a mobile taxi booking application for your business. If you have the misconception that your taxi business does not really need an application, it is likely that you had still lived in the past when it was true. Things have changed drastically today, whether technology, social scenario, shopping habits, browsing habits, all aspects of business, and customers have undergone a great transformation. In these days, as a business owner, if you want to prepare for the business in the future and start your trip to make big profits, a mobile application is a must for you.

Although in the past, mobile applications were seen as sophisticated tools only for large corporations or businesses of a certain scale, today even small businesses are creating applications for their businesses and improving their customer service, while obtaining significant returns greater in their investment.

For small taxi company owners, the cost of building an application has been marked by fear of the high costs involved in creating an application, but we have managed to dispel these fears completely. Like most other things, creating mobile applications for Taxi Company also has its own advantages.

No matter how the recent fights between taxi drivers/medallion owners and Uber develop, one thing is very clear that taxi associations and taxi service companies should adopt the technology as soon as possible and adapt to the new system. Here is the first publication we did for the taxi service companies that wanted to obtain Uber and Lyft Clones with extended features and their own brand, where we briefly explained that the real enemy is zero technological innovation in the last 40 years or so. Many signs in this direction have already begun to emerge.



In the past, calling a taxi was a nightmare that made you shake your hand in the air until you could take a taxi regardless of the weather or you ended up calling a taxi service company (if you had your number) that will usually ask you to Wait 20 minutes or more until a taxi arrives.

Services such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and many others that have followed the goal are aimed at transforming this annoying experience into a pleasant one. The mobile cabin call has introduced a sudden but necessary change. The application of taxi orders is facilitated by easy integration with Google maps that help you find the nearest car, establish meeting points and endpoints for the driver and passenger with insignificant interaction among the driver and the passenger. Both parties also have access to a fair rating system that guarantees an element of certainty and confidence. Automatic payments close the cycle, making the previous tip system and passengers handling receipts become a thing of the past.

If we have to micro-analyze the benefits or the advantages of this mobile taxi application and how this leads to seamless and smooth user experience, we will have to understand its essential attributes, such as:

Security: a taxi app like Uber helps track each car and each driver in real time.

Routing: GPS-based system and Google Maps integration with driver and passenger applications ensure the optimal time.

Reputation: Guarantees meritocracy in real time with instant reviews and assessments of all the customer’s experience and services.

Certainty: Transforms the careless execution of taxi services into an organized experience with a real-time tracker available to the driver.

In some way, this application serves as an integrating solution or a much more efficient market that bridges supply and demand. The solution that seems so obvious in retrospect has revolutionized the taxi industry due to its comprehensive treatment of the entire taxi reservation and travel experience. Instead of dealing with part of the use of a technology layer for a single aspect such as clearance or payment, Uber decided to think big and redefine the entire experience.

You can beat the market?

We offer you tools to improve the experience of your clients translated into an optimal service delivered.

We offer agile and safe applications for the booking dispatch for the Taxi & transport service. Learn more at Taxi Dispatch Software and contact us through the lines that appear on our website. We build user-friendly taxi booking software applications for taxi companies.


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