An Advanced Taxi Dispatch System for Modern Transport Needs

Our advanced taxi dispatch software has been designed to enhance the ride-hailing experience for both passengers and drivers. With advanced routing algorithms and real-time tracking, our platform ensures a complete dispatch solution for your transportation needs.
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Our Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch System is the Perfect Solution for Modern Transportation Needs.

Booking Management

Dispatchers receive booking requests from customers via phone, mobile app, or website. And check availability of taxis in the area and assign the nearest available drivers to the booking. Dispatchers communicate booking details to the assigned taxi app driver, including pick-up location and customer contact information. They monitor the progress of the taxi on its way to the pick-up location and update the customer as necessary. Keep accurate records of all bookings and customer interactions.

User Management

With a comprehensive console at their disposal, taxi & private hire dispatchers or administrators can easily manage users including passengers, drivers, and partners. This feature streamlines the management process, allowing dispatchers to enable or disable users from the admin panel with ease. By simplifying the user management process, dispatchers can devote more time and resources to other critical areas of the business. Overall, the ability to manage users from a single console enhances efficiency and productivity, leading to a better customer experience.

Payment Solutions

One of the crucial responsibilities of taxi & Private hire dispatchers is to ensure that drivers receive timely payments from passengers and partners. By using the available tools, dispatchers can monitor the payment status of drivers and partners, ensuring that payments are made on time. This feature is critical to maintaining the trust of the driver community and keeping the business running smoothly. Dispatchers can use this information to intervene if necessary and resolve any issues related to payments. By being able to monitor payments and facilitate swift resolution of any discrepancies, dispatchers contribute to the overall financial health of the business and help maintain positive relationships with drivers and partners.

Auto payment

With mobile app development, to ensure that drivers and partners are paid on time, a reliable payment system is essential. Registered drivers are paid on schedule directly to their bank account. This process ensures that payments are made securely and efficiently, without any delays or complications. Additionally, drivers and partners can set up auto-schedule payment methods, further streamlining the payment process. With auto-schedule payment, drivers and partners can be confident that they will receive payments automatically at regular intervals, without the need for manual intervention. This system benefits both drivers and partners, allowing them to focus on their work without worrying about the status of their payments. By providing a reliable and efficient payment system, the business can maintain positive relationships with drivers and partners, leading to a more successful and sustainable enterprise.

Auto Dispatch

When a passenger books a ride from the passenger app, it is essential to dispatch a driver quickly and efficiently. In many cases, the bookings are automatically dispatched to nearby driver app, utilizing smart algorithms to ensure the best possible match. However, in some cases, dispatchers may need to assign bookings to nearby taxi drivers manually. This is particularly important in situations where the automated system is unable to find an appropriate match. By dispatching drivers quickly and efficiently, the business can provide the best possible service to passengers, leading to greater satisfaction and repeat business. Overall, an effective dispatch system is essential to the success of any ride-hailing business, and careful attention to the dispatch process can make a significant difference in the customer experience.

What's included


  • Wireframe
  • Prototype
  • Design

Backend & API

  • Adminstrator
  • API

Web Front end

  • Make Booking
  • Passenger Account
  • Driver Account
  • Partner Account

Passenger App

  • Android
  • iOS

Driver App

  • Android
  • iOS
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