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In recent times, everyone uses a Smartphone and it has been a daily diet for the users in the Earth.
Everyone is literate about the mobile app and free to use and install it. Hundreds of 1000’s app get released per year in the app store and everyone is curious to learn more about an app in the store
It has been the necessity to make easier either you want to track your personal finance or daily diets; all has been made simpler with just an app.

Therefore, the taxi business is also a part of this where passengers can book a taxi in a simple click and can pay for the journey. Taking a taxi saves time and money and on the top of that taxi business with the app helps their customer to book a taxi with no time. It has been revolutionary in the taxi business where for example UBER has been the first in the line.

When you install the taxi booking app in your mobile devices, you can use the app either for your personal or office use you can book a taxi or taxi cab in no time where your driver is waiting for you at the airport or your desired destination.
Our built app is an online taxi booking system. Passenger can reserve a taxi or cab using a mobile app. Services are available everywhere.

Having a website is not enough for today’s trend, having a Mobile app is essential for your customers to feel free to use for your business. There has been a massive increase of more than 80% of users in mobile users since the revolution of mobile devices in the recent decade. There have been many advantages of implementing an App for your business, it not only retain your customers but also helps to be in touch with your customers forever.

We not only provide website we also built a taxi booking app for taxi services and one of the pioneer app provider for taxi or limo business. We are here for Taxi Solutions which only builts website but also provides web booking or app booking portal. Our services not limited to the United States but also covers all across the globe. Our team are professional and well experienced in the app development for taxi or limo business.

We not only give you the Uber clone but also we provide each yearly technical support for your app after launched in the market to fix the bugs and to add more features. Our features include passenger app, driver app and admin dispatch console for you to manage your real-time incoming bookings and payment.

It is a taxi booking app like Uber that includes almost all of the features like Uber.We help you to build the mobile app for both Andriod and iOS platform where your passenger can book a ride in a few steps.It is also a cab booking app for both platforms that includes driver or passenger app or both app where the administrator can manage the bookings and payment.

It is a software-based booking app where passenger or admin or driver both can save time with automated dispatch system. Invoicing and caller ID is most of the features included in the dispatch system.

It increases automation of the booking with the seamless booking process.It is a fully integrated system like UBER with own branded online booking engine. It is easily adapted to the existing website for both driver and passenger app.

Every business needs a mobile app in recent times it includes a Taxi or Limo business which is a must for their business with the increase of mobile users in recent times. Taxi booking app helps to keep updated with your customers and their booking and payment history.

It includes Driver app, passenger app and admin console for both Android and iOS platforms.

Below are the features of Taxi Booking App

  • Uber Clone
  • Web Booking Fares
  • Drop off and Pick up Locations
  • Online Payment acceptance
  • Driver Job Assignment
  • Different Payment Options
  • Jobs and Payment History
  • Passenger Login
  • Driver Login
  • Google Maps
  • API Integration
  • A real-time GPS tracking system
  • Location Tracking
  • Admin Login
  • Nearest Driver Location via GPS
  • SMS notification
  • Feedback and Star Rating


If your app is slow or stuck somewhere and not helpful to your customers then you may be loosing the booking. Now you can offer your customers a seamless and userfriendly booking experience from your taxi app. Our built app is more seamless and all tested before launch.All the bugs are rectified before customers notice it or you do it.

Our Taxi Booking App system gives our taxi drivers or passengers the tools they need to make decisions about the future of their business and journeys.

Make your business in the taxi industry with our customized white label taxi app including driver and passenger app. Our solution offers an online booking system, live vehicle tracking, payments options, and 24/7 support.

Are you looking for a Taxi Booking App? don’t worry we get it covered it for you from our expert’s team.

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