Get your taxi or Limo booking system at $499

October 23, 2019
Taxi Hire Website Design

Taxi web design has been providing the taxi booking system so that you can grow up your business. The taxi web design site includes the attractive User Interface(UI) along with some features mentioned below.

Easy booking process:

We have an easy booking system with the form to fill which includes some of your contact information along with pick up location, time and the drop off destination. Your fare is also calculated when you fill with the form. So, you will be notified previously about the fare you are about to pay.  Also, you will be allowed to select the fleet.

Instant fare quotation:

As mentioned above when you fill-up the form you will be shown the fare which you are about to pay after the ride. So, the instant fare quotation includes the fare calculator that calculates your fare as you enter your pick up and drop off location. Also, it asks for the waiting time and the fleet you choose.

Instant payment:

You will be granted with the numerous payment options so that payment can be done instantly. As your ease, you can pay through PayPal or online transfer. Also, to your taxi booking system, there will also be an online payment system which includes payment through credit card and PayPal.


The backend consists of the dashboard which is managed by the admin or passenger or operators. Moreover, to access the dashboard you need to be a member of the company which will require the log in credentials. Our dashboard is mobile friendly so that you can access it and work anywhere anytime. Generally, the taxi booking system has the bookings, driver and the passenger to be managed. Also, assigning the job to the driver and the fare breakdown is the main concern of the dashboard.

Mobile-Friendly Website:

Not only the dashboard but also the website is mobile-friendly so that your real clients can also access it anywhere. In this way, your website will be accessed on mobile phones and you will get your clients using your service.

All of these characteristics are embedded in your taxi booking system just for $499. In addition to it, you can too customize your website as your needs. We always serve you the best so that you will be the best.

Built taxi or limo booking software that saves your time and energy

October 3, 2019

Online Booking Software built for Taxi and Limos Website

Taxi web design provides you with Taxi online booking software for your company. The booking system is online-based for the website, especially of the limos and taxi. You are provided with an easy booking solution for your customer.

What do we provide?

Booking Management:

The online booking software has the booking management system where the admin can control the current bookings, job completed. There are different pages for all the booking section as the incomplete bookings, ongoing bookings, and the one that is already completed.

So, the admin can assign the job to the respective driver or the chauffeur or else the admin can terminate the current job as well. The booking management feature helps the admin to manage the bookings without any obstacles.

Online Payment:

The software or the web-based application provides you different payment option and one of the options is online payment through the PayPal, Credit card or from your bank account. So, your clients are provided with the different payment option through which your passenger can pay you.


You can also get a back-end dashboard which has different features like passenger’s account view, driver’s account view along with the view logs section and also the booking management section.




The software further provides you with the following:

Easy & swift:

You are given the easy and the swift booking process and your every log are recorded so that you never miss any transaction. This software makes your work a lot easier and controls the entire software.

Saves time:

Also, when things get easier and faster you can save a lot of time and you can use that time to think of growing your business furthermore.

You can either visit our website or you can simply give us a call at 448081697317 for commencing your online booking software journey for your taxi or limo business website.

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