Booking Management Calendar

Taxi Booking Management Calendar is an advanced online booking management system designed to make your booking jobs hassle-free. With just a few drag and drop you can assign the job, vehicles, and drivers on calendar specific dates and times. 
Booking Management Calendar allows you to view job bookings in daily, weekly and monthly views. As per your requirement, you can create, edit, cancel and assign drivers from the booking management calendar. 
With the integration of the booking system, it improves both your customer relationships as it provides a real-time schedule. We also provide custom features that will enable you to link to your regular Google Calendar or iCal. 

booking managemet calendar

Key Features

Grow your business with our advanced Taxi Booking Management Calendar features:

Fare calcution:

Multiple fare calculation logic are available in our booking system for perfect quote


Sync your booking with third party or custom made calendar


Run our system in your exiting or build custom