Taxi Booking Website WordPress Plugins

April 24, 2019

WordPress Taxi Booking or reservation plugins has made a easy way for the WordPress users
to quickly download and install in their WordPress website and can customize the necessary customization like fares and fleet from the back end easily with out any tech knowledge.

Are you looking for such kind of WordPress or Joomla Taxi or Limo Booking reservation Plugins ? Can be customized ? Can be installed in multiple website or domains ?

You can find free plugins available online but few can understand your requirements.

Taxi Website Design has built own Taxi or Limo Booking reservation Plugins that can be customized from back end with rates and fleets.Our Taxi booking software and taxi booking system online software is one of the best advanced booking system for taxi,limo or chauffeur driven.Our plugin “software” can be integrated in any type of website,like WordPress or Joomla.Get taxi booking plugin for WordPress.

Our booking system utilizes google maps api for fares and sms text service providers for sms notification.Our booking WordPress plugins has the available options for taxi or limo business having large fleets and allows drivers,passengers and travel agents to sign up and work with in the system.Plugins are integrated with discount coupon as well.

You can know about the Plugins at here.


Taxi WordPress Booking Plugins vs Custom Php Taxi Booking

Taxi WordPress Booking Plugins vs Custom Php Taxi Booking

Looking to integrate the booking system in your existing website where it automated shows the fares with
pick up and drop off locations ? Looking for platforms which is to be used for the website?

There are various development platforms for you to get a taxi booking system and to integrate in your existing website.You would probably go with the platforms which is most user friendly and easy to operate from front end back end and most importantly system would be responsive to all mobile devices.

Taxi WordPress Booking Plugins

WordPress platform is the most responsive to mobile devices and easy to operate from back end for the admin users.It depends up on the users what kind of functions do they need  in the plugins like pick up and drop off locations, zone management,fare management,booking management and major payment gateway which you need in the website,you can buy this kind of plugins from WordPress platforms at monthly or one time fee. Sellers can customize the requirements for you as well.Other features like drivers and passenger management and discount code management.WordPress back end allows you to manage all the functions and allows to operate easily.

Custom Php Taxi Booking:

This platform is customized taxi booking system where the system will be as per the user’s requirements.
All the features and functions are customized in PHP platforms and are made responsive to mobile devices as well.Functions such as online fare look up,booking and fare management,drivers and passengers logins with discount code management are integrated in this platform.This platform has a custom admin back end where users can login and make and manage all the features.This system comes with the script or development platform where users can buy the script and install or users can make their developer to develop the platform for the website.

Get WordPress Booking Plugins or PHP booking system, here


Online Booking form & Fare Look up System ?

Online Booking Form

This system or form or reservation system allows the users to book a limo or taxi.They fill up the form with pick up and drop off address in the field with date and time,admin receive the email of booking and they confirm the booking once they call to them who is trying to book a transport service.This system is suite for small to medium taxi or limo firm who have limited fleets and certain area coverage.Admin needs to confirm the booking and quote price after they receive the booking email.There is no price set for this kind of system and varies as per the customers travel area.

Fare Look up System

This system is the most implemented booking system for recent small to large scale taxi or limo firm with number of drivers or chauffeurs.Customer can book and pay for the transport service online in less than 60 secs.They just need to define the pick up an drop off locations with date and time,estimated fares will be shown in the website with the avaiablity of the vehicles as per the needs.They have the options to pay online.After payment is confirmed,booking is confirmed and vehicle is reserved for that day and time.This can be called as stress less travel from any locations to any destinations.All prices are fixed unless customers add some additional requirements such as meet and greet and watiting.

Which to Opt ?

This really depends up on your coverage area and services,if you are covering the airport terminal or all locations on your regions,they can you can opt for fare look up system but if you are a single man business with limited coverage area you can go with Online Booking form system.

What is the cost ?

Fare Booking Look up system cost slightly more than the online booking form system.It ranges from $199 to $899 with the varies of features inclusion

Will it works for me?

Yes,it will works as you can manage the fares and booking from the back end.


Taxi Web Design for Travel Industry

Christmas is usually a bumper time of year for every organization selling a service or product but it can be especially profitable for the travel industry that has been hit hard in recent, years, months, weeks and even days. Times are tough and even the oldest and most mighty companies in the travel industry are in need of a travel industry solution to see their way through the current financial storms. Marketing online is a key element for all businesses and it is a route to market that the travel industry has pioneered aggressively. Now, every travel company is jostling for position, in a frenzied dog eat dog fight that will see few winners and many losers.

Despite the gloom, there is hope on the horizon as there are plenty of people with money to spend on travel and holidays; however, the key to attracting that cash is to update your online store so that the process of purchasing flights, taxis, hotels, car rentals and insurance is a swift, simple and enjoyable experience. Travel web design is technically complicated because of the requirement for prices to be bang up to date and for internal links and links to affiliate websites to work efficiently and profitably. Although the average website designer is not usually up to the task of creating an online travel agency that looks good and works well on every level, there are a few highly skilled digital design agencies that do have the know-how to undertake web design that will take off and capture much of the current online travel business.

It can be daunting modernizing or creating a new e-commerce website, but it may well be essential in order to compete effectively. Design styles and developing digital technology are matching each other in an online race that is engendering fear in many industries. Competition can be healthy for consumers but too much competition will create casualties in an era where lending to business has all but dried up. To ensure that your organization has the tools to succeed it may be an idea to ask a digital agency that you trust to undertake an audit of your current web platforms. Time is always of the essence but travel web design has to work faster than most by offering fast page loading, logical navigation, up to date prices and internal and external links that work; the website also has to be found easily by coming on the first page of the generic search results. To achieve that requires expert online marketing and superb search engine optimization techniques.

Travel industry solution

For travel web design to be effective it has to offer more than pretty pictures and price lists; it has to create the kind of trust that certain organizations engender so well. Building trust within a travel website / organization is usually more important than posting the cheapest prices and is achieved through excellent design and good copy, rather than focusing being purely on price.

Taxi Website Design has been in the taxi and limo website industry since 2008.We have years of experience when it comes to designing and developing website for taxi and limo business. It provides web site services and hosting services for taxi and limo business industry.

We have number of years of experience is designing and building the fare calculating booking system. Our booking system allows and provides the quote in less than 10 sec and customer can book or reserve and pay for transfer in less than 60 sec from the built system. Our system is 99% accurate working platform for all kind of taxi and limo business and other transportation industry.

Online Taxi booking website design with payment gateway

Owning a booking website is not so great, you can make it great when your customers can book a taxi advance of any date from your website or Apps in a few clicks and when they can put the payment details to book it from.Make your website where customer can input the details and they don’t have to care about the payment hassle and enjoy the journey from your business.

There are reliable booking platform provider that allows your taxi business website makes more better when your customers can book from your website online providing all the payment details.

Taxi Web Design is one of them from the industry that offers your and your business website with the reliable taxi booking platform with payment gateway. Our system allows you to manage all the booking,rate and fleet from the back end easily with no tech knowledge and will be integrated with payment gateway of your choice. Customers can input all the payment related details in the website and system will take care of all things after and you can take care of your customers journeys.

Contact Taxi Web Design or call us for online taxi booking website design, one of our representative will call you to discuss further.


Get Your Own White Label Taxi | Dispatch Software Systems

Do you have no time to manage your drivers or more incoming passengers? Hassle with Payment management?

Now it is good to go with you’re custom built dispatch apps with your own logo and business name and works as per your regulations.No more hassle with booking dispatching to your drivers or hassle with record bookkeeping.All records are maintained with one console and one click you can view all records.

Make your booking dispatch free of hassle with our cloud-based software with a complete system with dispatch console, passenger app, driver app and admin console and payment management system.

We provide dispatch platform for your taxi or Limo services like Uber,Lyft or Ola Cabs with complete dispatch solutions for your kind of services. Everything your passenger or drivers need for the happy drive to the business.


It is a custom White labelled Taxi Apps with Cloud-Based with Own Logo & Own Business Name and the good part is that it is fully Customizable.You can manage more bookings with more user experience.

There is no binding contracts, Only pay as you go per month.

Dispatch System includes below APPS and system :

Passneger APP
Driver APP
Admin Dashboard
Dispatch System

Some of the features for this kind of APP: (

Fully Customizable
Fast booking form via secured system
White Label Mobile Apps
Cloud Based
Customer caller id
Fare calculation by journey details
Google maps (pick up/drop off)
Rate and Fleet Management
Dispatcher can allocate job to driver (manual/automatic)
See all task assigned by dispatcher
Assign tasks to themselves
Admin Panel
Driver & Passenger App
Track real time drivers
Driver can manage their time and journey through the use of taxi software
Waiting time and calculations
Dispatchers can take control of your taxi company
Book one for your business at only $50 per month.

More updates on Taxi Web Design or  Taxi Dispatch software or call at our local phone number to get the quotes for free.

Reservation form vs Booking system vs Web Based Dispatch System

If you acquire the taxi or transportation business and running the business since long, I would prefer to go with Booking system with payment gateway
Here I am comparing the system and giving the details of each system and you can decide you need to acquire for your service related business.

1. Reservation form:

This system has been outdated and works perfect for only a small or one man business who are running the business with some referral or word of mouth.This system has a  booking reservation form with few pages.Of course you need to work on the responsive booking form or else you will lose the customer booking browsing from mobile devices

2. Booking System

This is the modern system of the reservation form. The system includes the automated fare look up for your taxi or limo business and customer can click on the quote and they can pay online. The system includes the passenger login where they can see the payment and booking history. Any transportation-related business can acquire this kind of platform for hassle-free booking and payment management.Of course the booking and payment is inclusive of responsive.

3.Web-Based Dispatch system

This is the most updated booking system, the system works for business having more drivers and has acquired more customers over the Globe. This comes with driver and passenger login with invoice management. Admin assigns the jobs to the driver and drivers get paid via the system with payment gateway integrated. This comes with travel agent and operator as well.As a whole, this is the web version of the dispatch apps of your business where you can manage everything online.

Prices: Differs with the requirements

 Reservation form                                                               $199-$499
Booking system with payment gateway                         $599-$899
Web-Based Dispatch system                                            $999-$1899
Book one now and get 20% and free hosting for the first year.

Use Discount code: Merry20 during the purchase

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London to visit in 2019

Choosing the best London attractions for this article is not an easy task. Although London’s listed tourist attractions are traditional and therefore not to be missed by anyone visiting England, London is one of the most interesting cities in the world with many interesting walks to do.
Cosmopolitan and modern, but at the same time it keeps an age-old history. In this way, you can have historical buildings, museums and the whole tradition of the royal family coexist with a bustling London full of modern buildings, pubs and a lively nightlife which you can move around with taxi which you can use taxi dispatch software to book.

The city is home to so much that one even gets lost when it comes to putting together a script. But even so, I took the risk of suggesting the ten unforgettable walks for you to make the most of your 2 or 3-day itinerary in London, the wonderful capital of England.

1) Palace of Westminster and Big Ben

The iconic Big Ben, at the top of the Tower of the Palace of Westminster, is the main postcard of London, capital of England. But Big Ben, contrary to what many people think, is the name of the bell and not of the tower as a whole. The tower was known as Clock Tower and in 2012 was renamed the Elizabeth Tower.

The built-in neo-Gothic style in 1859, it is 96 meters high and, in addition to the bell, houses a four-sided clock on its top.

You can check it all in a taxi which you can easily use taxi dispatch software in London.
In turn, the Palace of Westminster is the seat of the English parliament. The building is on the banks of the River Thames, and its history dates back to the medieval period. The manor was the endorsed residence of the English monarchs until the year 1529 when a fire struck it.

After this episode, it was reformed and started to be used as Houses of Parliament and also Court of Justice. A new fire broke out in 1834, and most of the palace was destroyed. After the incident, it was rebuilt in Gothic style and the original construction today only remains the Westminster Hall. The inauguration of the new palace took place in 1859.

It is possible to visit the Palace of Westminster and the Elizabeth Tower in tours with audioguide, traditional guide or, in the case of the palace, special tours for the visually impaired and other types of visit. Tickets cost, for each attraction, from £ 18.50 per person. And with taxi dispatch software you can get a taxi that will take you there without haste.

2) London Eye

The London Eye is the Ferris wheel which has now become a postcard of London. At 135 meters high, it is the third largest Ferris wheel in the world. The attraction is right on the banks of the River Thames and next to the Palace of Westminster. You can imagine the amazing view from up there!
The famous Ferris wheel was built to celebrate the turn of the millennium and had a pre-programmed existence time of five years. But as the success was great, it eventually became a symbol of London and a permanent monument of the city.
The London Eye has 32 capsules, each with a capacity of 25 people standing. The full turn on the Ferris wheel takes 30 minutes. Various types of tickets are sold: the normal, the private capsule, the stroll with drinks and food, among others.

3) Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is the current official residence of Queen Elizabeth II – though, say it tends to get more at Windsor Castle. The building had more than 77,000 square meters (more than 77 rooms) and was acquired by King George III in 1762. The palace only became the official residence of the British monarchy in 1837 with the accession of Queen Victoria.

It is where the famous exchange of guards takes place, a kind of ritual that attracts many tourists every day. It is at Buckingham Palace that all the heads of state who visit the capital of England are welcomed. In the palace, there is an extensive collection of works of art and paintings.

The venue is open to visitors between July and September (summer and early fall) and in winter and spring are only special dates for excursions or, at any time of the year, have access to the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II with a ticket to Buckingham Palace, followed by a delicious afternoon tea.

4) British Museum

The British Museum is the main museum in England. Founded in 1753, it has in its collection about 8 million pieces that depict the historical evolution of man, from prehistoric times to the present day, such as paintings, photographs, coins, documents and manuscripts.

Amongst others, it houses the Rosetta Stone (a fragment of a stone that helped to understand the Egyptian hieroglyphs), parts of the Parthenon of Greece, and collections of mummies of ancient Egypt.
So much so that travelers constantly elect the British Museum on sites specializing in tourist reviews among the best museums in the world. With taxi dispatch software you will get a taxi that will take you there.

5) National Gallery

The National Gallery has an important collection of the plastic arts world, with more than 2 thousand and three hundred paintings, being the most important art gallery in the city. Among others, it houses works by Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo, Monet and Van Gogh, as well as many English artists.
The collection of the gallery began to be formed in 1824 when the state acquired a lot with almost 40 paintings that belonged to a private collection. All the items of the collection were acquired with money from the State and, therefore, are considered as the patrimony of the country, not belonging to the royal family.

The National Gallery is on Trafalgar Square, which is known as the heart of London and has free admission. In addition to the exhibitions, the National Gallery holds regular lectures on art and events such as musical concerts for the public, also with free admission.

6) Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge was inaugurated in 1894 on the River Thames and is one of the most visited points of the English capital. Every day, 40,000 people cross the bridge by car or on foot. With a length of 244 meters, it is a tilting bridge, which opens for larger vessels to pass.
The Tower Bridge has two towers, each 65 meters high. They host an exhibition on the history of the bridge, the ‘Tower Bridge Exhibition’. Also, from the top of the tower one has a beautiful view of the city.

7) Tower of London

Built in 1070, the Tower of London has held several functions throughout English history. Already it was a royal residence, prison, place of executions and torture, zoo and mint.
Today it is a Museum and a Royal Palace, which tells a little of the history of the country and also houses some real estate assets such as the crown jewels. By the way, see an early tour of the Tower of London use a taxi dispatch software to get a taxi and check out the famous building that served as a fortress, palace and prison.

8) Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey is one of the major Anglican churches in England. With gothic architecture, it was inaugurated in the year 970 and has since received the main royal ceremonies. Since 1066 it is the religious temple of the coronations of the British monarchy.
So explore the thousand years of history on a tour of Westminster Abbey and marvel at its exquisite Gothic architecture and its beautiful stained glass windows.
It was here too that the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton took place. Also, in the Abbey are buried kings, queens and great names of the science, like the astronomer Isaac Newton and the naturalist Charles Darwin. It is located very close to the Palace of Westminster, one of the points of interest in London.

9) Museum of Natural History

Another attraction in London is the Natural History Museum. Founded in 1881, it gathers an important collection of fauna and flora worldwide, including fossils and replicas of bones of various dinosaurs and other animals.
In addition to the collection, a museum attraction is the building in which it is housed, the Waterford Building, with tower and arches inspired by the basaltic cave of Fingal, Scotland. The museum entrance is free, and you can not go to London without including it in the script.

10) Oxford Street

This is one of the most well-known streets in London. Located in the Westminster area, it has over 300 shops in about 3 miles and is the busiest shopping street in Europe.
Oxford Street is home to luxury shops, department stores, and other, simpler establishments. Check out the window displays and marvel at the bold and modern decorations. Board a taxi that will take you there with taxi dispatch software.

Visit the best attractions of London

Visiting the best attractions of London is essential to get to know the spirit of London and to understand some of the histories of England. Still, it does not encompass all the sights and tours that can be done in the heart of the UK.

Those who have little time in the city, choose to know the most traditional attractions. Use a taxi dispatch software to book a taxi that will take you through your out your tour in London. If you have more days to visit England, explore London’s not-so-crowded yet wonderful sights and explore the English capital’s surroundings. You will fall in love.
And have you ever met London? Which of the attractions mentioned above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

Effective SEO Is Now Cheap

March 9, 2019

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is known as the procedure using which you target towards attracting maximum number of audience to visit your website. For the marketers, looking for maximum profit adding to their earnings, a well SEO’ed website is the answer. However, for a newcomer this field of business might be a slightly costly affair.

So if you decide to do SEO for your website, frankly speaking, although you can find the internet loaded with such kind of information; however, very few websites guide you towards the most affordable option which will be just the right choice for you. Therefore, your search engine optimization endeavor has to be well researched and explored. Following are few guidelines that are bound to help you explore good optimization for your website.

1. Optimization through exchange of links:

One viable  SEO  solution that may get the desired results is by linking your website with other websites that you find appropriate. Firstly, identify the website that you want your link to be exchanged with and then contact the administrator or the owner of the website. If you are lucky you may find that the other website owner also looking for a link exchange option. This option is likely to cost you very less or may be nothing at all. Additionally, the option may increase the ratings of your website to a surprisingly high level. So try it and see the results.

2. Try to get more and more keyword rich articles

If,your website contains instructive and well researched articles, then it is bound to attract visitors. You may either sit down and write keyword-rich articles or get them from other sources available. However, be careful with the keyword formula as stuffing the article with the keyword may discourage the audience from further visits.

3. Find interesting Domain Name

Finding an interesting domain name that is effective and affordable is another tool that may be used for SEO. The easier and interesting the domain name is the more it will find visitors hitting on it.

4. Have well organized site navigation

The easier the navigation of your website is, the easier it is for the user to explore. Just make the user comfortable by providing easy user interface of the website. This method is also good for attracting traffic and providing a required comfort level.
Considering Cheap SEO Options after few guidelines!

Having realized the importance and effect of search engine optimization within your online strategies, you may well be in the market for some cheap SEO services or providers to boost your rankings. This view could well have a variety of impacts upon your very goals and objectives of ranking on major search engine results pages.

Understanding how a search engine, such as Google actually operates and functions is paramount to understanding the search engine optimization process, this process otherwise known as SEO can certainly add value to your efforts within the proverbial online context of business. As a business owner, and comparing to the offline world – such as a listing in the yellow pages, you will want to be top of mind, and the first telephone number or service provider that is visible to the prospective client looking for a specific service. This is no different than the process of using services such as cheap SEO to improve your rankings to achieve that first page ranking on search engines, whether it be Google, Bing or whoever. Obviously with Google’s majority share of the search market, you would more than likely be aiming to get onto their first page of their search results for your specific search term or terms.

In deciding that you will pursue the various options when it comes to SEO , you may well have been surprised as to the cost of this type of service, whether it be via freelance providers, or even companies claiming to be able to get the best SEO for your investment, after all this type of service does not occur magically or without time and effort. Many of the tasks that are concerned with this somewhat technical process are labor intensive and time consuming, but that does not necessarily mean that it should cost an arm and a leg when it comes to investing in search engine optimization for your website or online business.

In so far as seeking a cheap SEO provider, you should also be aware of some of the pitfalls of this decision when based purely on price, although it would be unfair to say that this occurs solely within the lower priced area of this type of service. The connotations of the word cheap often imply a lower quality product or service, and perhaps this may be the case in some circumstances but it is not necessarily always true. The basics of any market economy provide that demand and supply will determine the price of a product or service, and this too applies to the service of search optimization, amongst a variety of other online products and services.

The point is that you should at the very least be aware of the process and application of search engine optimization, especially considering the fact that efforts in this area when not conducted ethically and legitimately may have the opposite effect on ranking your website. By seeking out a suitable provider for this type of service from an informed and knowledgeable perspective will ensure that regardless of price when it comes to cheap SEO providers , you will be in a position to appoint the right one for your optimization objectives.

Some Helpful Tips For Choosing a Cheap Web Design Service

Having a website that is built by a professional can help in establishing your business’ online presence. When your business is known online, you will be able to increase your sales and make your business more successful.

A website that is professionally built can help in increasing your site traffic as well as your sales. Apparently, it is through the quality of the website that the online businesses are able to maintain a steady flow of income.

While there are some who would create their own business website, there are some business owners who would prefer to hire a professional to design their website. There are various companies that offer these services at varying prices. If you choose the affordable services, you will be able to save a lot of money and spend it for other things that can also help your business to grow.

When it comes to looking for professionals that offer cheap web designs, there are some things that you have to consider. True enough, affordable web design packages can be very tempting especially for those who have limited budget. However, not all companies that offer affordable services can be trusted because some are providing poor quality services.

Make sure that the cheap web design company that you are going to choose is reliable and professional. There are some companies that offer free quotes to give you an estimation of how much you are going to spend for the web design project. This way, you’d have an idea of how much you will have to pay for the services of the web designer. Aside from that, you can also ask for project samples to give you an idea on the quality of the website that the professional is able to produce. Just because the services are affordable or low priced doesn’t mean that the quality must be sacrificed.

Always keep in mind that it is very important to have a professional looking website because this will represent your business. A poor quality website will not gain many customers and will not help you in increasing your business profits.