Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software vs Taxi Booking Script

As many of the taxi or limo companies prefer and ask for taxi booking script as it is free to premium in cost terms and any business can implement the script in their existing website or platform without any additional burden. It is a piece of code and programming script were once purchased it can be implemented in the existing platform. It comes with both probably (depends on the seller) front end and the back end admin panel and it can be installed with the help of a coder and deployed to the client’s server.
It gives birth to the web-based taxi booking software where a taxi or limo company may or might need to customize the code where they probably do not need most of the functions they need in the front end and admin panel and needs to be customized as per the client’s requirements. It is a kind of Uber Clone deployment for large scale taxi or limo operators which the operators doesn’t want to wait for long to operate their business and this script might be helpful. The script is already tested and bug-free because it is already deployed to other operators existing websites but might comes if there are some changes in the functions required from the clients’ end
Some of the taxi or limo operators may prefer Cloud Based Taxi Dispatching system where they can manage over the cloud server. You can manage your system over the cloud and from anywhere any time and there is a chance of losing data or buying new data. The initial setup takes less than 30 minutes and sellers will guide you during the entire process. You mostly have to add drivers, admins, and configure the app to work. If you run into trouble during the setup, we are there for your rescue.
As a taxi web solutions provider, we help taxi or limo operators to deploy both the taxi booking script and cloud-based booking system in no time (depends upon the requirements), there will be fewer bugs free so far if the same booking script is deployed in the server. You do not need to do manual updates and hold the operation.
You pay one time fees rather than every month for our taxi booking script which can be deployed any time and you can manage the admin panel any time anywhere depending upon the hosting server. You can get free maintenance and support and updates every year if anything comes with the bug. It is the most feasible for growing businesses like SMBs and startups limo or chauffeur operators.


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