Driver and Passenger Web portal replaces the mobile app platform if someone looking for the low-cost platform to manage the driver’s jobs and passenger bookings. It is an alternative to Mobile Dispatch software.

It includes the all the features similar to app such as rate scheduling, invoicing, sending automated SMS / email reminders, managing booking, adding multiple drivers, stream-lining online payments, creating invoices, offering discounts with promotion codes, rules-based pricing, tracking driver, access to create booking via phone, unlimited driver accounts and many more.

Anyone who is looking for the websites similar to the app at an affordable price then this web portal is the great match. It is an alternative to Mobile Dispatch software. It is the right platform for the mid-level taxi or limo operators.


Below are some of the features:

  • Customers can get a fare by choosing a pickup and drop off locations
  • Can pay online
  • Admin or owners can assign the jobs to drivers
  • The passenger can sign up and get stored all the details for 1 step bookings
  • Operators can book on the behalf of their clients and eligible for commission
  • Travel Agent can book for a group of people and eligible for commission
  • Owners Dashboard to manage passengers, operators, drivers, and travel agents
  • Journey and drivers jobs assign SMS notification
  • Monthly or weekly driver job sheet
  • Manage all the invoices from passengers or to drivers or to operators
  • Manages all the fares for each fleet available.
  • Drag and Drop Zone management

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