Driver & Passenger App For Your Taxi Business


Taxi Web design has been providing you with the taxi mobile application. The taxi mobile app includes both the passengers and driver application which is the most demanded app in the taxi & Limo industries. Using the passenger taxi app passenger can book the taxi from anywhere whereas the drivers can respond to the ride to the bookings with our taxi booking.
Some of the specified features of the passengers and the driver application
Passenger App:
Passenger app is provided with the phone verification register of every individual. To use the application one should get logged in. We provide the fare calculator that estimates your fare at different discount rates. For a successful booking, you need to provide your pickup and drop off location. The ride request is sent to the entire nearby driver using the application. The passenger can cancel the ride whenever the passenger wants. So, you get the map feature, discount rates, driver tracking and many more. You can even customize the passenger’s app.
Driver app:
The driver app comprises the phone verification registration along with the log-in system as a passenger. Some of the new features of the driver application are the discount range settings, chat and messaging, notification option in certain phases as “Diver on Destination” and “Passenger on Board”. The driver is not provided with the cancel option but it can be customized. As the driver is provided with the no show option in case the passenger does not show up. We handle the real terms problem very easily. Also, the driver application can also be customized.
The above-mentioned are some of the real term related features that Taxi Web Design embeds while creating a taxi mobile app. You can call us at +18337422112 or quote us using our website. We do provide the backend section for the admin to keep track of your passengers and driver.


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