The taxi fleet management booking system is a simple yet instinctive integrated function on the backend that provides a full, end-to-end Fleet management service. Our fleet manager is the platform for fleet-based companies of all sizes, either it is Taxi services, Limo Service, Chauffeur Services, Bus, and Coaches Service, Minicab Service or Bus and coaches Service.

We have a wide range of booking system for taxi fleet manager, Limo fleet manager, and Shuttle fleet manager.  You can choose the right solution to manage and update the fleet and their rates from the booking module.

The highlighted features are

  •  You can update the price individually for each fleet as per km, miles or fixed location basis.
  •  Each vehicle will have an individual field to update the holiday rate and occasional rate
  •  Access to edit /update the vehicle
  •  Alert email about the expiry of the vehicle document
  •  The system automatically makes the vehicle disable for booking whenever the account document gets expired.
  •  Access to update the vehicle price as mass
  •  Access to disable the vehicle for booking (When a vehicle has been sent for servicing, you will have access to disable that vehicle so that customer would not be able to make the booking )


As our all backend interface is responsive you’ll be able to completely control all aspects of your fleet business from almost any mobile devices, tablet, Laptop or PC.

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