How a Taxi Booking Software Works

Taxi Booking Software, The Future of Taxi Dispatch Software

Nowadays, taxi booking is not a difficult job, due to the introduction of the most recent technology and applications like taxi booking software. Taxi booking software provides the most innovative features which are required for the smooth operation of the taxi system. The latest software is equipped with the functionality which allows the system to be integrated with other software, like taxi dispatch systems, real-time GPS systems, phonebooks, etc.

How a Taxi Booking Software Works

The taxi-hire companies are also making use of the latest technology and applications to be able to enhance their services. Taxi booking software is used by the tax system to gather information about clients and assign them a specific cab number. To put it differently, booking software provides complete information about the customer, including his name, address, contact number, status, insurance details and many more. It further allows the system to generate the schedule for a client based on the demands of the customer. Advanced booking software has the ability to generate taximeter printouts at the end of the client’s visit.

These days, the cab booking software is installed on the dedicated admin panel of a private taxi-hire firm’s system. The program is then connected to the internet using an appropriate WAN connection. From this link, it can access various data and information regarding the reservation and meter reading. These data and information are subsequently passed on to the staff of the company during the dedicated admin panel. The service provider controls the information through the specially created admin control panel.

The online taxi booking system allows the driver to book a cab online by logging in to the system. The driver is needed to complete an online form, which is stored in the admin panel. A special identification number is also assigned to each driver. The unique identification number is printed on a sticky label. The system will check whether the driver matches the special ID number and it’ll automatically place the driver in the driver’s reservation record.

Another advantage of this taxi booking application is that the consumer gets the estimated time of arrival (ETA) in the web interface. The software stores the customer’s contact details so the system can contact them when the driver is scheduled to leave. For example, if a cab driver has left the former destination, and the customer requires a taxi at a new location, the system will call the customer back and update the time of arrival. This way, the customer doesn’t have to log in to the system whenever a driver is supposed to depart.

When a client uses the taxi booking applications, he/she will receive several updates. 1 such upgrade is that the pickup time’ (or the TOT) of the cab. This will help the customer to schedule his trip by knowing the exact time when the vehicle will be there. By using the taxi site, he/she will have the ability to book the taxi online. Additionally, the taxi software will inform the customer of the exact fare. This is because all vehicles are equipped with a meter, and so the meter tells how much the customer is supposed to cover.

A taxi booking software also features a mobile-based interface. The interface can be accessed from a mobile device (normally a smartphone). The booking module of this program comprises a mobile-based scanner. This scanner is used to capture the details of a customer who’s boarding a vehicle.

As already mentioned previously, taxi booking software also comes with a mobile-based scanner. This scanner is used to capture the details of a client who’s boarding a vehicle. The scanner then sends the details to the main control panel of this computer software. From the main control panel, the app can access the different choices that can be found in the cab booking app and can therefore make changes in the pricing of the taxi ride.


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