How Do I Make My Own Website?

If someone were to say I’m going to make my own website, you might think wow, that’s a large undertaking. Not so. Because there are so many resources available, making your own website can be accomplished by a novice.
As of 11-17-08, there were 106,204,279 active domain names currently in use. Of those, 78,387,380 are registered dot com websites. These numbers suggest you don’t have to be a well-educated designer to make your own website. Over 100 million people are doing it right now so why not you? What it takes is the desire to learn the details and have some creative ideas to sell to someone else.
In order to make my own website, the following steps are suggested:
o Check the internet for a trustworthy company and buy a domain name
o See if the same company can also host your website
o Get creative, build your website
o Think like a consumer
Once you’ve purchased your domain name and found a host, you’ll hopefully have some great ideas about how your website will look. Start by looking at other websites on the same subject matter to get some ideas on how yours can look even better. Then do something over the top. Investigate free banner websites that nail your image and draws attention to your website.
To make my own website, begin by writing engaging content for each page so that people continuously click on the site. This will also attract Google and other search engines sending the website even further up the rankings.
Keywords are something you’ll hear a lot about. Those are the words consumers type in their browser to find the information they’re looking for. Once you find a creative domain name and start building your website you’ll want to have it search engine optimized (SEO). This is where keywords come in. For example: If you’re writing about “how to grow a beautiful garden” your keywords might be, grow, beautiful, garden.
You’ll want your keywords sprinkled throughout your website for complete SEO. Although all of this may sound daunting at first, once you complete your first website and make it live, the next one will seem easy.
If you want to make your own website with some assistance there are a couple of genuine programs online. These programs hold your hand through the entire process. You’ll quickly learn the lingo to making your own website. By taking this route each step will be that much easier. Another benefit is you can buy one domain name and create several new websites off the same domain name.
Make my own website is fun and can be profitable. Find the perfect niche, something you’re interested in and write about it. Add in the design and the products to sell. This could turn into a full-time job.


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