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We suppose you already got an idea of what we are talking about, if not, let us give you some idea what is the topic about. It is about the dispatch system for taxi business where taxi business/owners/founder/manager can manage the taxi business in very right way where they dont have to manage bookings/payout/drivers and all will be managed in one platform. Do you know! How Much Does a Taxi Dispatch System Cost?

How Much Does a Taxi Dispatch System Cost

Below are some of the features you can look after

    1. iOS/Android App


    In the dispatch system, your business will get App for iOS/Android platform where you can go through the app and manage the App

Driver/Passenger App
Your business will get the App for iOS/Android app for both driver/passenger app where your customers and drivers can install the app from the app store and boo/complete the jobs from the app

Both drivers/passengers can make an account within the app and get verified and make/complete the bookings and have a console for drivers/passengers.

    1. Booking/Job


    1. Your drivers/passengers can download the app from the app store and passengers can make the booking from the app and system will dispatch the bookings to the nearby drivers and drivers accept/reject the bookings and hence complete the bookings

      1. Communication


      1. Once bookings are made and accepted by drivers, they both drivers and passengers can chat/call each other within the app

Once the passenger make a booking and make the payment for the bookings, it is dispatched to the drivers and drivers to complete the bookings and get paid once completes the bookings


Once the passengers/drivers complete bookings and get paid, both have the option to leave a review on each other with in the app

Web Admin Console
Taxi owners can manage track bookings/drivers/passengers/payout to drivers from the one web admin console

You might be wondering what is the price of complete dispatch system,prices ranges from $8500.00 for complete dispatch system but you can have a live demo demonstration so that we can both of each get an idea before quoting you.


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