How to Create Stripe Account Set up

Stripe dashboard

2. Sign up with business email id, Full Name and Country, and password

3. Activate your account by confirming your email sent to your inbox

4. Once the email is verified, go to the left top and click on new business activate the account on the screen below, and click on activate

stripe activate

5. Follow the steps and fill up the business details and documents to verify the stripe account as business account and to receive the payment

stripe profile

6. Stripe takes 24-48 hours to review the account and once stripe is fully activated with step 5, your account will be able to receive payment

7. You will receive an email for the Account status. Once activated, your account will be from test mode to live mode

8. Once all done, share the publishable key and secret key for the stripe account for the payment gateway integration.

In the dashboard view, navigate to the left side menu and first click on ‘Developers’ and select ‘API keys’. This will display a screen on the right-hand side. Under ‘Standard keys’, you will see ‘Secret key’ and a button named ‘Reveal live key’. Click on the button and it will display the secret key

stripe key

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