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Instant quotes and instant booking after comparison are the major foundation of fare comparison websites where passengers can compare the journey prices from different vendors, choose vehicles of their choice and book their journey. The system compares quotes from registered licensed taxi, minicab & cab companies in local cities or local regions. Get instant quotes & books. 
For the passengers, once the passengers choose to pick up and drop off locations with a number of passengers or baby seats or luggage and other amenities requirements. They will be shown the variety of fleets and the registered companies’ prices from where they can choose and pay for the ride. 
For prospective business owners, will have access to add or edit the partners, set the commission while the registered partners or vendors will have access to manage their fleets or rates from their admin panel. Full access will be given to all the partners from where they can manage/edit their rate fleet, bookings, and payment history. Every booking email or SMS notification will be sent to the respective partner and client as well along with booking confirmation and driver details. 
This system helps the partners to receive local leads and they can boost their business 

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