More Web Design Predictions For 2014

In the first article on web design predictions for 2012, we looked at elements, such as oversized logos and typography, which have been growing increasingly popular over and are set to boom in the New Year. In this second article, we look at some more elements that are predicted to see their time in the limelight in 2012.
Interactive Design
Many people have said that Flash is on the way out over the last couple of years, but with interactive web design becoming one of the newest trends it is set to make a comeback. Websites won’t be choked with annoying Flash graphics and impossibly navigation – instead, the simpler and more attractive elements that web designers neglected in Flash’s heyday will be big features.
Single Page Layouts
This is almost a challenge for designers to edit away the parts of a website that are ‘unnecessary’. Quirky navigation being placed on the back foot, the single page layout is all about presenting all the relevant information in as minimal away as possible. A clever way to think of this type of web design is like an ‘online business card’ that provides visitors with your contact information and links to your work, such as blogs.
It is true that minimalism was once a web design trend, but next year we are set to see minimalism of a different kind. White space will still feature prominently, but it will be coupled with bold typographies and contrasting colour schemes, allowing these websites to be plain and to the point, but also highly engaging.
Modal Boxes
A trend that has slowly been generating popularity over the last year is that of the modal box. Similar in appearance to a popup, the advancements of web design has allowed a dialogue box to open up as a part of a web page that visitors must deal with, either by closing it or following the links, before returning to the main page. They are great for reminding visitors to log in or letting them know that they are leaving the current website. These will be highly useful for designers in coming years that are concerned with the usability of their websites.
Oversized Footers
Much like the oversized header mentioned in the previous article, oversized footers are said to be an increasingly popular trend in web design. These sections have the possibility of becoming integral parts of the website creation, as they offer an area to present information that doesn’t necessarily fit anywhere else, such as social networking feeds.
The shift that we have seen towards these elements over the last year has given the world of web design a pretty good indication of what is to come. Keep an eye on updated and new websites – you won’t be able to miss where these trends have been used.


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