Set up & Install Apache on Aamazon Web Server Instance

AWS Server Configuration 

  1. EC2 Instance

Instance Region: Sydney 

2. Instance Type: T3.2xLarge or have lower or higher options as well 

CPU: 8, Memory: 32 GB, Bandwidth: 2780 Mbps 


Reserved – Commitment to AWS for the monthly billing. Lower hourly charge of around US$0.003 per hour. Save more if payment is done on 1 or 3 years upfront. The monthly billing would be around US$200-250 if with Reserved Instance for 1 year no upfront but save more with upfront or partial payment 

Saving Plan – Save up to 72% on monthly billing 

On-Demand: Pay as per the usage on hourly. US$ 0.0052 per hour. Once the Reserved instance is used then On Demand will come to play 

You can check the monthly and estimated billing from the billing dashboard regularly 

3. Volume: Depends upon the traffic of the website, but we can start with a volume of 100 GB at the moment but we can later increase to what the server needs 

IOPS: GP3 for handling the website speed 

  1. 4. Elastic IP: xx.xx.xx (auto-generated)

5. Security Group: HTTP, HTTPS, SSH (for incoming and outgoing traffic) 

6. Key Pair: For SSH Connection with the PUTTY tool to install the server 

5. Route 53- Name server, A records and domain pointing 

 Step-Up Process and Checklist 



  1. Web Server type: Apache
  2. Operating System: Linux (Centos)
  3. PHP version: 7.4 or the latest version for website setup
  4. PhpMyAdmin: For Database Setup: 4.4 or the latest version
  5. Amazon Small Email Service Set up and Verification
  6. Domain Verification
  7. Email Verification
  8. Email Compliance.
  9. 9. Domain Pointing to Route 53 name server or A records
  10. 10. Domain Folder: Please confirm the domain name
  11. 10. SSL Certificate Installation to domain and traffic redirection to HTTPS

For SSL Purchase, you can go to, and purchase Positive Wildcard Certificate that supports unlimited subdomains and domains. 

  1. Tech Support

 Please confirm the Instance type if you want to go with Reserved or Saving or On Demand Pricing. 

Estimated time: 4 working days 


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