Taxi Booking Software – What we need to Know about


In the taxi or limo industry, we need know to implement the new booking system for the website where it helps the user or customer to make a booking very easily and admin can assign the bookings to the nearest driver
Implementing the booking tool really helps the taxi or limo business owners to manage all the bookings, drivers and passengers on one platform.
In one platform, the admin as a superuser can make a booking on behalf of the customers and assign the jobs to selected drivers. Drivers will accept or reject the booking that is optional. When drivers accept the bookings and complete the bookings, passengers on board can make the payment online.
In One platform, taxi or limo business owners need to know below
Taxi booking software is a tool for taxi and Limo owners that lowers the burden of the jobs in one platform. It helps drivers, passengers and admin to manage everything. It is a white label taxi software solution that includes fleet management, dispatch and booking management solution designed and developed by Taxi Web Design.
It is meant for businesses of all sizes and shapes that must manage a fleet of vehicles, passengers and drivers in one solution. The solution is delivered in the form of various mobile and web apps. Taxi dispatch software offers the functionality necessary to operate an efficient fleet, improve service for passengers and getting jobs for drivers.

  • Fare Estimator
    • Booking Platform consists of the online fare estimator
    • Fare is calculated on the basis of the pickup and drop off address and number of passengers
    • Passenger choose above and make a booking and make payment


  • Passenger Account
    • Passenger or group of passengers can create an account and it is very simple and it is very instant verification
    • Passenger can make a booking on the behalf of self or others
    • Passengers can make the payment online for the bookings
    • Passenger wait for the booking confirmation from the company
    • Once confirmed, the company will send the driver to the passengers’ destination
    • Passenger onboard
    • Once the job is completed, passengers have the option to leave a review to their onboard drivers


  • Driver Account
    • Be your own Boss and ready for unlimited jobs
    • The driver can create the account easily and it is instant either via email or mobile phone
    • Once verified, drivers need to upload the necessary documentation to accept the jobs
    • Once verified, drivers can choose to accept or reject the incoming booking to them
    • Once Accepting of the jobs, the driver can go to the passenger’s destination to pick up and drop off at the location desired by the passenger
    • Once complete of the jobs and confirmed, taxi or limo owners will make the payment to the drivers weekly or biweekly or monthly


  • Operator Account
    • The operator can register on the website instantly
    • They take the bookings over the phone or email
    • Assign the bookings to the nearest drivers or selected drivers
    • Record the completed bookings


  • Web Admin Console
    • Taxi or limo owners have the super admin access
    • Manage drivers
    • Manage passengers
    • Manage bookings
    • Manage payment


  • Pricing starts with $2500 or above depending upon the requirements for web-based
  • Pricing starts with $8500 or above depending upon the requirements for app-based
  • No recurring or monthly as per the fleet or bookings; no commission

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