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Plugin to Include a Vehicle Booking System with Driver in WordPress

Allowing visitors to book your services online is a very good practice. You do not have to spend a lot of money or effort to add such functionality to your website. The Chauffeur reservation system for WordPress can help with this work. It is designed for limousine services in mind but can be used for any vehicle. You can specify available routes and different types of service.

Chauffeur for WordPress allows you to specify the minimum and maximum rental time of your vehicles. You can allow distance, hourly, and flat rate services for the routes — online payments, SMS and e-mail notifications, Woo Commerce, and Google Calendar incorporation. In the back-end, webmasters can edit sent reservations, change their status, and see all the relevant information.

The plugin has a responsive design ready for Retina displays. It admits unlimited reservations, vehicles and predefined routes.


Notifications, by email

Specify and manage the dates not available for the reservation. Define the list of recipients and select the email account of the sender from which the messages with information about new reservations will be sent.

Supported multiple payment methods

The plugin supports the payment method Paypal, Stripe, and cash which will make things easier for your customers and also allow them to choose their continent payment method.

Customize your colors

Define your own colors of the booking forms in your site and make yours look unique, looking exactly as you want.

Reservation extras

Add an unlimited number of add-ons that the customer can select as child seats, beverage packages, or a box of chocolates.

State your personal routes

You can be able to choose your own routes. This is useful for specific routes such as airport transfers or visits to the city.


Display a limitless number of vehicles with driver and establish a series of parameters for them. It also displays the name of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, the description, the highlighted image, the make, and the model. Input the highest number of passengers. You can also determine the price by the amount of hours and the distance covered, specifying the tax rate and assign the attributes of the vehicle.

Types of attributes

It makes it possible for you to define an endless attribute such as color, engine, etc. and then you can as well assign them to distinct vehicles (limos) in the confirmation.

Tax rates and multiple Currency

State the number of available tax rates like 0%, 10%, 32% and can as well select from one of the 160 available currencies.

Smart adhesive sidebar

The order summary is always visible even when you scroll through the page.

Incorporation of Visual Composer/Combination of Nexmo SMS

Visual Composer plugin for WordPress is integrated into Chauffeur Booking. It also includes complete integration with the Nexmo API for SMS notifications to increase the customer experience.

Install Demo in a click

Import demo data to start using the plug-in configuration menu.


Here is the List of backend structures of the reservation system

Reservation forms

With this plugin, you can make an endless amount of reservation forms, and for each of the forms, you can outline different configurations.

  • Define the type of service offered: distance (point to point), per hour, a flat rate for predefined routes.
  • You can create a reservation form for solitarily one kind of service or for all kinds of services.
  • Choose if you want to offer the option of extra time. You can set the time range and the minimum time unit.
  • Specify the minimum and maximum limo rental time and the minimum time unit.
  • Add email accounts that will receive information about new reservations.
  • Specify the categories of vehicles (types of vehicles) that are available in the reservation system.
  • Also, the routes that are available in the reservation system.
  • It also specifies additional categories that are available in the reservation system.
  • Set the business hours for each day of the week.
  • Exclude dates from the reservation system.
  • Specify the available payment methods. Choose between payment in cash, Stripe, or PayPal.




Displays a list of all orders sent (reservations) in the system.

  • Browse, edit, or delete the sent reservations.
  • Establishes states for reservations: New reservation, Accepted, Rejected, and Completed.
  • The administrator receives information about: the type of service selected, date and time of collection, total order budget, distance, duration, customer comments, selected route (if it is a flat rate service), type of transfer, time extra (if chosen), name of the vehicle with prices per hour and distance, extras chosen by the customer, contact details of the customer and chosen form of payment.
  • The administrator receives the complete list (billing) of services and complements selected by the client. Each item in the list is described, including the unit price, the net value, the tax, and the gross value.

Reservation extras

A module that allows you to add an unlimited number of add-ons that can then be selected by the customer as a child seat, drinks package, or a box of chocolates.

  • Browse, add, edit, or delete the reservation extras.
  • Name the add-on and add a description.
  • Defines whether a supplement can be requested more than once (a maximum number for a given complement).
  • Set the price for the single supplement.
  • Select the tax rate.


A module that allows defining custom routes. Useful for specific routes, such as transfers to the airport or visits to the city.

  • Browse, add, edit, or delete routes.
  • Define the start and end point of your route.
  • Add an unlimited number of intermediate points (stops).
  • Live preview of your route through Google Maps.


With this module, you can define an unlimited number of vehicles (silos) and establish a series of parameters for them.

  • Browse, add, edit, or delete vehicles.
  • Set the name of the vehicle, the description, and the highlighted image.
  • Sets the type of vehicle (category).
  • Input the brand and model of the automobile.
  • The maximum number of passengers (or seats) and the maximum amount of luggage allowed (luggage).
  • The price per distance and per hour.
  • Specify the tax rate.
  • Assigns attributes of the vehicle.

Types of vehicles

A list of the types of vehicles available (or categories).

Vehicle attributes

In this module, you can outline an unlimited amount of vehicle qualities, such as color, engine, etc., and then you can assign them to individual vehicles (limos) in their configuration.

  • Browse, enhance, edit, or delete the attributes of the vehicle.
  • Select one of three types of attributes: text value, single option, multiple options.
  • A text value is used for any custom text. For example, you can define an attribute called ‘color’ and then specify it by adding it in the individual configuration of a vehicle.
  • Single and multiple options are used for predefined values. For example, you can define an attribute called ‘transmission’ with two values ‘automatic’ and ‘manual’ and then specify one of them or both in an individual configuration of the vehicle.

List of frontend features of the driver reservation system

  • Responsive Disposition
  • Retina
  • Form-based on steps with easy navigation in several steps
  • 3 Types of services: distance (point to point), per hour, flat rate with the possibility of using all or only those selected
  • Google Maps live route preview
  • Support for an unlimited number of intermediate points (stops) of the route
  • Total distance, total time calculation with extra time support
  • Unlimited reservation forms with different configurations
  • Unlimited reservations
  • Unlimited Vehicles (Limousines)
  • Unlimited supplements
  • Unlimited predefined routes
  • Detailed documentation
  • Demo content available with a one-click importer
  • Valid HTML5 code
  • Compatible with Cross-browser

Taxi or Chauffeur Booking System is a powerful WordPress plugin for booking taxi or limousines for companies of all sizes. It can be used by both taxi or limousine operators and vehicles with a shuttle driver (for example, taxis). It provides a simple reservation process, step by step, and an intuitive back-end administration.

With this plugin you can easily make online reservations for any defined route, for example, transfer to the airport or tour of the city, by an hour or point to point with support for intermediate points (stops). It will help you improve customer service and manage your online taxi or limousine rental business.


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