An Advanced Taxi Dispatch System for Modern Transport Needs

At our company, we have developed an advanced taxi dispatch software that is tailored to meet the demands of modern taxis & Private hire needs. With our advanced routing algorithms and real-time tracking, our dispatch solution ensures that you receive the best possible transportation experience. We are committed to providing a complete and reliable solution for all of your transportation needs
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We Cover all Types of Transport Industry.

Looking for a dispatch system that meets modern transportation needs? Look no further than our cloud-based taxi dispatch system.

Booking Management

Our dispatch system operates by receiving booking requests from taxis & Private hire passenger app through a variety of channels, including phone, mobile app, or website. Once a booking request is received, our system checks for the availability of taxis& private hire in the area and automatically assigns the nearest available driver to the booking. The assigned driver is then provided with all the relevant details for the pickup, such as the location and the customer’s contact information. Throughout the journey, our system tracks the progress of the taxi on its way to the pickup location and provides timely updates to the customer as needed. Additionally, our system maintains accurate records of all bookings and customer interactions, ensuring that our dispatchers have a complete view of all activities at all times.

User management

Our platform provides dispatchers and administrators with a comprehensive console that simplifies user management for passenger app, driver app, and partners. This console streamlines the management process, enabling dispatchers to quickly and easily enable or disable users directly from the admin panel. By reducing the time and effort required to manage users, our platform allows dispatchers to focus on other critical areas of the business, ultimately enhancing efficiency and productivity. With a more streamlined management process, our customers benefit from a better overall experience.

Payment Solutions

Ensuring that drivers and partners receive timely payment from passengers is a critical responsibility of our dispatchers. Using the tools available to them, dispatchers monitor payment status and ensure that payments are made promptly. This feature is essential for maintaining the trust of our driver community and keeping our business running smoothly. Dispatchers can intervene if necessary to resolve any issues related to payments, using the information they have available to them. By monitoring payments and resolving any discrepancies quickly, dispatchers help to maintain the financial health of the business and build positive relationships with our drivers and partners.

Auto payment

A reliable payment system is essential for Taxi Mobile App development ensuring that drivers and partners are paid on time through our Taxi mobile app development. Registered drivers receive scheduled payments directly to their bank account, ensuring that payments are processed securely and efficiently, without any complications or delays. In addition, drivers and partners can set up auto-schedule payment methods, further simplifying the payment process. With auto-schedule payments, drivers and partners can rest assured that they will receive their payments automatically at regular intervals, without any manual intervention. This system benefits both drivers and partners, allowing them to focus on their work without worrying about the status of their payments. By providing a reliable and efficient payment system, the business can build positive relationships with drivers and partners, leading to a more successful and sustainable enterprise.

Auto Dispatch

In the passenger app, dispatching a driver quickly and efficiently is crucial when a passenger books a ride. In most cases, the system automatically dispatches bookings to nearby drivers using smart algorithms to ensure the best match possible. However, dispatchers may need to assign bookings manually to nearby taxi drivers in some cases, especially when the automated system cannot find an appropriate match. Dispatching drivers quickly and efficiently is critical to providing the best possible service to passengers, leading to greater satisfaction and repeat business. The dispatch system’s effectiveness is essential to the success of any ride-hailing business, and attention to the dispatch process can make a significant difference in the overall customer experience.

White Label Taxi Dispatch software

Our web-based dispatch software is capable of handling a booking that starts from the Passenger to the Driver who completes the Job. It allows the dispatcher to dispatch the jobs to the driver, check a booking, invoice passengers keep a record of earnings, manage a fleet, and finally pay the driver. 

If you seek to change the world as an iconic taxi service provider, we seek to change your world by helping you execute your dispatch operations. Our system is the most cost-effective taxi dispatch system on the market, with all the tools you need for your taxi, limo, or private hire company to thrive. 

We provide complete Taxi Dispatch Systems and Taxi Booking App. Let your customers book rides with your branded white-labeled iOS/ Android mobile apps & Driver App. Exceed modern customer expectations and increase the efficiency of your taxi business. We provide Taxi Dispatch Software with fleet automation. You can automate all business processes and increase the profitability of your taxi company. 

Get a fully custom taxi dispatch system loaded with advanced features for your taxi business. Driver and user app with powerful admin panel. Get started, start your own Taxi dispatch system with our custom-made Taxi dispatch system. A Complete dispatch software featuring a web dispatch system with passenger and driver app for Android/iOS devices, and online booking portal. Make your dispatching job easy with our cloud-based software. All-in-one system with web dispatch console, passenger app & driver app for Android/iOS devices, and online booking web portal.

Use our taxi dispatch system. Powerful. Easy to use. Limited access is available. Get a complete taxi app solution. Manage your drivers and customers wisely. Automated driver billing.

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