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Hiring a lot of personnel to confirm the ride from your customers? Tired of the manual booking confirmation for your taxi business? Emailing your customers to confirm the bookings with a lot of Emails to be sent? On the customers perspective, users think it is quite a hassle for you and for your customers? Do you want things to be manual rather than automated system? Do you want hassle-free correspondence to your customers and focus on customer’s safe ride?
Our integrated booking on the website offers a hassle-free booking system to help your customers make booking quick and easy and the system will confirm all the bookings. Integration of the booking system will allow your customers to book the ride to their destination in a quick manner and the same customer can pay online via Online payment platforms ie Card or Paypal. Customers can book Taxi with the few clicks, Pre-book & pay with a credit card on the website. Easy!.Easy to accept bookings and payment. This system allows you to manage the fares and bookings as well. Taxi website design does it all for you in one platform.
Taxi Website Design and its team are experienced web designer and web developer who can build the custom booking system for your locations in the UK, US, Australia, and other European Countries. The system will be built custom for your locations coverage and customers can choose from pick up and drop off locations and system will show the fares and fleet as per the number of passengers and system will be integrated with secured with the payment system.
If you have a website and do you wish to integrate the booking system, we can do it for you. We can integrate the system in your existing website platform may be either CSS, WordPress, Php, or any other web development platforms with the secured booking system or you can buy the existing booking system we have and you can let your web developer to do this as well or else we can build your taxi website from the scratch with the cost mentioned in our Taxi Website packages. Choose website packages as per the requirements.


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