Using Taxi Dispatch Software System And Booking App: A Proven Way To Boost Your Company

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Using Taxi dispatch software system and booking app: a proven way to boost your Company
The technological revolution has turned the Smartphone into a device that is not only used to receive and make calls; now, it has also become essential to complete a wide variety of work activities.
An average person uses the Smartphone every day and spends many hours a day; many companies are aware of that and have understood the potential of the mobile device to attract customers.
In addition to having a good home page, a taxi line can improve the user experience by creating your own taxi booking app that will speed up the taxi booking process and improve the experience.
Modern people do not want to wait on the phone while asking for a taxi; in this sense, an app can make this work faster and more efficient.
Why should, my taxi line have an app or Taxi booking software?
The first reason to create a taxi dispatch softwaretaxi dispatch system, or taxi booking app for your taxi line is that your competitors already do it. Do not you want to stay behind, right? Keep in mind that as technology advances and times change, people and companies must adapt.
The second reason is that this ordering system is faster, easier, and more efficient for customers, this makes the experience better, and a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.
All those details are placed at the customer’s disposal to make the reservation more personal and specific, such as:

  • Choose a taxi where you want to move to.
  • Ask the vehicle to incorporate baby seats.
  • Request to accept transporting animals.
  • Choose the driver.
  • Pay in advance from the app

The taxi software apps provide the user with more information
Those users who are in a distant part of the city where there is little influx of taxis should only use an app of a reliable taxi line and request one.
Upon entering, they must show their location and the address they wish to move to, and the app will show the route the taxi driver will follow, the time it will take to arrive and how much is the cost.
Then, the app allows you to locate the taxi driver closest to your location and gives you information about it. This extra point gives the user the feeling of safety since they can decide the vehicle and driver according to their tastes or comments from other customers.
That is, the whole process can be done from the app, from ordering the taxi to paying for the journey, all in an easy, safe, and fast way.


The taxi apps are also a method of loyalty
We already know that there are some strategies to become the favourite taxi line for users, but the most important will always be the friendly and empathetic treatment of the driver, as well as the appearance and comfort of the vehicle.
The general experience of the service will make the client request the services again, and the inclusion of an app can help to improve this experience.
Combining the use of technology to order the taxi through the Smartphone with excellent treatment at the time of the transfer will make the users always return and recommend the line, increasing exponentially, and progressively the company.


Promote your app to get customers
If you have an app, the first thing is to promote it so that the largest number of users download and request your services.
The first thing is to include the download link on the home page of your taxi company’s website, you must also include it in the social networks of the line, in the presentation cards for users and even in the form of stickers inside the vehicle.
Finally, it is important to mention to users who have not yet used your service the benefits it can offer and invite them to download it.
Users can leave their observations about the experience with the driver and even put them in “favourites.”
The taxi dispatch system allows sharing the taxi with more people to take care of the environment and share the payment, although this is in the client’s mind. The taxi dispatch system we build is using a smartphone or tablet with Android and an internet connection.
From this app, you can control and manage all the operations and delivery of services in a detailed and transparent way. From the app or web, it is possible to access the work statistics of each taxi driver and analyze and observe in real-time and historical the status and status of his or her taxis, statistics of services performed, etc.
It also allows for tracking and monitoring the status and safety of the driving partners and cars in real-time and also make calls or send messages to the driving partners from the same app.
Other features are:

  • See the number of trips, connection times, cancellations, and travel earnings of each driver.
  • See in detail the daily or weekly earnings of each driver, including trips paid with cash.

To conclude, creating an app to increase customers in your taxi line is an excellent idea, and the creation of your own will depend on your needs.
Did you know that the numbers of mobile devices in the world today are more than the total number of computers and televisions combined?
This fact clearly indicates that to reach the maximum number of customers and in many other ways, it is essential that you build a mobile taxi booking application for your business. If you have the misconception that your taxi business does not really need an application, likely, you had still lived in the past when it was true. Things have changed drastically today, whether technology, social scenario, shopping habits, browsing habits, all aspects of business, and customers have undergone a great transformation. These days, as a business owner, if you want to prepare for the business in the future and start your trip to make big profits, a mobile application is a must for you.
Although in the past, mobile applications were seen as sophisticated tools only for large corporations or businesses of a certain scale, today even small businesses are creating applications for their businesses and improving their customer service, while obtaining significant returns greater in their investment.
For small taxi company owners, the cost of building an application has been marked by fear of the high costs involved in creating an application, but we have managed to dispel these fears completely. Like most other things, creating mobile applications for Taxi companies also has its own advantages.
No matter how the recent fights between taxi drivers/medallion owners and Uber develop, one thing is very clear that taxi associations and taxi service companies should adopt the technology as soon as possible and adapt to the new system. Here is the first publication we did for the taxi service companies that wanted to obtain Uber and Lyft Clones with extended features and their own brand, where we briefly explained that the real enemy is zero technological innovation in the last 40 years or so. Many signs in this direction have already begun to emerge.

In the past, calling a taxi was a nightmare that made you shake your hand in the air until you could take a taxi regardless of the weather or you ended up calling a taxi service company (if you had your number) that will usually ask you to Wait 20 minutes or more until a taxi arrives.
Services such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and many others that have followed the goal are aimed at transforming this annoying experience into a pleasant one. The mobile cabin call has introduced a sudden but necessary change. The application of taxi orders is facilitated by easy integration with Google maps that help you find the nearest car, establish meeting points and endpoints for the driver and passenger with insignificant interaction between the driver and the passenger. Both parties also have access to a fair rating system that guarantees an element of certainty and confidence. Automatic payments close the cycle, making the previous tip system and passengers handling receipts become a thing of the past.
If we have to micro-analyze the benefits or the advantages of this mobile taxi application and how this leads to a seamless and smooth user experience, we will have to understand its essential attributes, such as:
Security: a taxi app like Uber helps track each car and each driver in real-time.
Routing: GPS-based system and Google Maps integration with driver and passenger applications ensure the optimal time.
Reputation: Guarantees meritocracy in real-time with instant reviews and assessments of all the customer’s experience and services.
Certainty: Transforms the careless execution of taxi services into an organized experience with a real-time tracker available to the driver.
In some way, this application serves as an integrating solution or a much more efficient market that bridges supply and demand. The solution that seems so obvious in retrospect has revolutionized the taxi industry due to its comprehensive treatment of the entire taxi reservation and travel experience. Instead of dealing with part of the use of a technology layer for a single aspect such as clearance or payment, Uber decided to think big and redefine the entire experience.
You can beat the market?
We offer you tools to improve the experience of your clients translated into an optimal service delivered.
We offer agile and safe applications for the booking dispatch for the Taxi & transport service. Learn more at Taxi Dispatch Software and contact us through the lines that appear on our website. We build user-friendly taxi booking software applications for taxi companies.


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