What Is Google Page Rank And How Do You Achieve A High Google Page Rank? The Do’s And Dont’s!

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So, just what exactly is page rank? Well, page rank is Google’s way of ranking web pages in order on search results. The concept is simple; page rank allows the most important websites to appear at the top of search results. Although you may have seen complicated theories of how page rank works, illustrated by stupendously complicated mathematical formulas, you do not need to be a genius to understand the basic principles. By understanding the basic principles you will then be able to begin working towards achieving a higher page rank for your website, I have achieved a PR 5 for my website and I am no mathematical genius!
Basically, Google page rank spans from 0-10. It would be typical for a webpage that has just being indexed by Google to achieve a page rank of 0. A webmaster should always be aiming to achieve a higher page rank; this should be an ongoing process.
So, how do you go about achieving a higher page rank? Well, a page rank is determined by a web page’s importance, the importance is calculated simply by the number of other web pages which contain a RELEVANT link to the webpage. The logic goes as forth, if many relevant websites contain a link to a web page then the web page must be important.  The keyword to remember is RELEVANCY. Google attaches a huge amount of importance to relevancy. There are millions of people who try and achieve a higher Google page rank simply by submitting their website to many, many web directories, this, however, is really not an effective way of obtaining a high page rank, in many cases the only thing that this will achieve is a reduction in time taken for Google to index your web pages. It may therefore interest you to know that hundreds of links from web directories that link to thousands of other web pages are highly likely to be less beneficial than just one link from another content related website with a high page rank.
If you are wanting to obtain a higher page rank in the least possible amount of time your best option is to run a Google search using the keywords for your website. Take note of the top page of results, then, visit the high ranking web pages one by one. Write to the webmasters and ask if you can participate in a link exchange, the answer is likely to be no, however, the response to a paid link exchange may be different, and well worth your while. Don’t be afraid of wasting time in this process because even though you may get turned down by many if you are successful with just one high ranking relevant site, the benefits will be huge and well worth your while in terms of traffic generated. It is also important to realize that Google pays a lot of attention to the title of the link, make sure you include many keywords in your link.
Personally, I have tried in the past just about every method under the sun, (on the web!) in order to try and generate a higher page rank. I have attempted buying links from high page rank sites on eBay. However, the sites that I chose, despite being PR 6 were not relevant to my website and after 6 months they resulted in no increase to my page ranking. At this point I learnt my lesson about relevancy, in simple terms it goes something like this, ‘If you have a website based on gardening, then there is no point, whatsoever in exchanging links with someone who has a website based on train spotting’. It will get you nowhere.
And, if not,
If you reap no rewards from talking to webmasters about link exchanges then all is not lost. One of the best methods I use for my website is to write good quality, (I hope) articles, somewhere within the articles I drop references to my website, in the form of a link, 2create-a-money-making-website! Contains other advice for webmasters Just ‘link’ that. Ha- sorry about the pun. So there you go, write articles and submit them to good quality sites like ezine. Given that your article is good enough to be accepted you will achieve, a relevant link, on a page with relevant content, on a page with high PR! Marvellous eh? Yep.
There are in fact other factors that affect page rank notably the number of outbound links from a website. If a high ranking website has only a handful of links to other pages and one of the links is to your website then the results will be much more beneficial to you than a website that has thousands of outbound links. In effect, it seems that Google divides the benefit of the site with page rank between all of the other sites to which it links. This explains why web directories are not beneficial, not only are they irrelevant, they also contain thousands of outbound links. Meaning the page rank benefit is divided between, yeah, you guessed, thousands! Time well spent? Nope!
It seems that having new, fresh and original content on your website also increases the frequency at which Google crawls your site, thus making note of new changes. So keep writing and don’t give up. It seems that if you have a site with good regularly updated content, with no tricks necessary, it will at some time receive traffic; it may just not be as quick as you want and this is why you will probably find yourself following my earlier advice.
Things do get easier, after you have traffic visiting your quality website you will find that your page rank begins to go up on its own. This is because people begin to make links to your website from their free will in order to make quotes or simply recommend your website to their own visitors. Once the ball is rolling it does get easier. Do you see?
I hope you enjoyed and benefited from my efforts today! Remember, be patient, things with Google are often slow; rumour has it a Page rank update only occurs every three months,-seems about true in my opinion, and for low page ranking pages apparently, a Google bot only crawls, around every three weeks. I don’t have total confidence in the information in this last paragraph; in fact, I don’t think anyone knows for sure. However, I do know for sure that my PR 5 website is crawled almost daily by Google’s bot. So just keep on going and be patient! I now make a good income from my site through AdSense however it took a long time to get good levels of traffic to make the clicks. Participating in online questionnaires would have been a better answer if I had wanted instant money!


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