Why Do Taxi Business Need a Dispatch System?

Why Do Taxi Business Need a Dispatch System

You might be thinking why we/I need a Dispatch system for my taxi business if I/We are managing and getting bookings from referral/word of mouth/Google Local Listing and assigning the jobs to my drivers but you need a taxi dispatch system for more properly manage of bookings/customers/payments/drivers. It is not about getting more bookings to your inbox, it is about the management of bookings and drivers’ payout that the system can handle automatically and you have more focus on more things other than a manual task like assigning/sending the payment links after jobs completion.

Why Do Taxi Business Need a Dispatch System

With the dispatch system, you can manage customers’ bookings and assign to the drivers for the jobs and the system will automatically manage payment/asking referrals/manage drivers bookings/accept-reject bookings. You can even track booking/own drivers/freelancer drivers/company/partners like hotels. Drivers and customers can even communicate with each on the app and more features that you can get from the dispatch system like payout to drivers/transaction history

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