Taxi Booking Software: Need for Advanced Booking System

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Today in this generation even some of the taxi or limo companies are operating with simple reservation forms but in fact, it has some advantages and disadvantages. In fact, it has more disadvantages acquiring the reservation form
Acquiring an Advanced booking system that eases the managing the bookings and managing passengers in one platform
What is this?
Taxi dispatch software offers the functionality necessary to operate an efficient fleet, improve booking and driver service. In one platform, you can manage your passenger, booking, driver and payment from passenger and to the drivers
Simple Reservation form

  • Simple dashboard
  • Less cost to operate the website
  • Less Maintenence Cost


  • Need more time to manage passenger
  • Need more time to manage bookings
  • Need more time to assign the job to the driver
  • Need more time to manage payments

Taxi Booking Software

  • Save time to manage passenger
  • Takes less time to assign the job to drivers
  • Save time to accept payment
  • Save time to manage the incoming bookings


  • High Maintenance Cost

Below are the features :

  • Ability to manage own website
  • No need to hire a designer or developer to manage the website
  • Less Maintenence Cost

Booking Manager

  • Admin Booking
  • Manage Bookings
  • Cancel Booking Status
  • Confirmed Booking Status

Account Manager

  • Manage Passenger Account
  • Manage Company Account
  • Manage Driver Account

Rate Manager

  • Manage fares as per the fleet
  • Fixed-Rate
  • Additional Rate manager ie baby seat, booster seat, merchant fee, airport parking fee
  • Zone ie Location Rate

Driver Account

  • Assign jobs to driver
  • Job Statment
  • Job Sheet
  • Job-status
  • Driver Payment

Bank Account Manager

  • Accept Payment from the bank
  • Payment to the driver from a bank account

Fleet Manager

  • Manage Fleet
  • Add or edit fleet
  • Manage fare as per the fleet specific

Location Manager

  • Add or edit location ie hotels, airports, restaurants, postal code, cities

SEO Tools

  • Manage meta tags for each page for SEO

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